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God Spoke the Ge’ez Language of Abyssinia with Moses

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Certainly Ge’ez was the language Moses spoke with God. But for strange reasons the world doesn’t want to look at the Abyssinia Hypothesis.

The Arab Yemeni Israelite took refuge in Abyssinia for 430 years all their traditions and culture became Ethiopian. So their tales came from that environment and not from anywhere else.

The Israelite and the Hebrew were Arab Yemeni. Early Jews and Modern Jews are Turkic Mongolians mixed with Asian and European slaves.

Egyptian and Hebrew cultures NEVER borrowed from each other and there was no way to accommodate large nomadic herding people in Egypt, and they left no graves neither in Egypt nor in Sinai, and they hadn’t seen the Pyramids or knew any Egyptian king.

The Israelite were never enslaved, they abused the hospitality of Africans and enslaved Ethiopians, Eritrean, Nubians (Kerma), and other Sudanese. That is why they were expelled then fled in the Biblical Exodus of 1446 BC.

Egypt have no records of nomadic Israelite. Hebrew were created after the Arab Yemeni Israelite invaded and colonized Canaan in 1406 BC.

Moses and even Abraham never went to Egypt, they went to Abyssinia only, so they spoke Ge’ez with God. And even after the Exodus they used Ge’ez back in Yemen and not Yemeni, which was close to Ge’ez. The Ten Commandments were written in Ge’ez, not in Yemeni or in Hebrew (which was not yet developed), nor Egyptian.

I wonder what kind of prejudice that blinds scholars, academia, and the public? Moses, Abraham, and the Israelite were not in Egypt, Mesopotamia, or any other place. It is quite clear that the conventional Egypt Hypothesis as well as the alternative Arabia Only Hypothesis are both illogical and cannot be scientifically proven.

The Abyssinia Hypothesis is certainly the only way to discover the true history of Israel, Jews, and Judaism.

There are numerous contradictions in the Hebrew Bible that defy any logic and science. For example mentioning camels, while they were never brought to Egypt before the Persian invasion of Egypt in 525 BC. They only existed in East Africa, and not even in Arabia.

Christianity was turned into Judaeo-Christianity first by Paul then by Turkic Jewish migration into Rome which resulted in the collapse of the Roman Empire.

Judaism was invented by Turkic Mongolians who created Persia. First the Arab Yemeni Israelite and Hebrew started the changing the scriptures, then came the Jews and completed the job.

Egypt didn’t influence or borrowed from Israelites and Jews. The only link between the religion of Egypt and Israelite is that Amenhotep IV “Akhenaten” (1353–1336 BC) heard about Abraham and tried to unify the faith of Egypt, but that was a failure and short-lived.

It is very wise to point to two extremes. Some ignorant or dishonest people want the world either to take nonsense or to believe in nothing.
Believers must discover the truth and avoid crafty denial of faith.


In what language did God write the Ten Commandments?

“If Moses was (as the misconception/myth goes) brought up as a high-ranking Egyptian he was probably literate only in Ancient Egyptian.” “if the story of Moses did happen in Ancient Egypt, then the Ten Commandments as well as the rest of the Mosaic laws should have been written down in Ancient Egyptian language. But that was not the case according to the scholarly consensus. So where is the missing link?” “As a matter of fact, the Paleo-Hebrew alphabet did not evolve before 1000 BC – some three centuries after the time of Moses and his tablets.” “That would leave us with only one possibility; the Ten Commandments must have been written down in Ancient Yemenite.”

Source: In what language did God write the Ten Commandments?

It Was Not Israel Nor Palestine It Was Canaan

In 1406 BC there was no country called Israel nor Palestine, there was only a civilized country and nation used to be called Canaan. It was invaded and colonized by Arab Yemeni Israelite, who turned to be Hebrew.

Then those Hebrew Israelite were colonized by a group called themselves Jews (Earlier Jews), who were Turkic Mongolians mixed with Asian slaves. Then those Earlier Jews brought people to serve them from Crete and other Mediterranean regions in exchange for the expelled 10 Hebrew tribes (10 Lost Tribes of Israel) and Canaanite. They called them Palestinians.

Few centuries later, Earlier Jews decided to migrate to Rome and the rest of Europe to take over Christianity and Europeans. They left behind the Palestinians who enjoyed full control until another Turkic Mongolian group called Ottomans invaded and colonized them.

The Turkic Mongolians of Earlier Jews after they succeeded in exploiting Europe, Europeans and Christianity formed the Modern Jews and became filthy rich with slavery, colonization of the Americas and Africa. They needed a higher international status of a statehood and decided to take Canaan once again from the Palestinians.

After they settled in all parts of the world, in 1860 to 1874 they created Proto-Zionism. The Zionist movement was established practical in 1881 and political Zionism in 1896. They organized to take Canaan claiming they are the heirs of Earlier Jews.

Modern Jews got the strongest support from the Turkic Mongolian Ottomans who claimed to be “Muslims”. Now amazingly Palestinians have very good relationships with Turkey, and Turkey have very good relationships with Israel!

Truth hurts and fake ancient tales cannot be called history. The Hebrew Israelite are totally different ethnic group from the Early and Modern Jews who both are Turkic Mongolians. The Hebrew Israelite were Arab Yemeni tribe and they never went to Egypt. Early Jews were Turkic Mongolians with Asians slaves; and Modern Jews are also Turkic Mongolians but changed their genetics and appearance by enslaving Europeans and Caucasians. Because they like to look like Europeans and like Caucasians, a sort of inferiority complex. And they don’t like Black or Brown people.

The Arab Yemenis and Beta Israel of Ethiopia are the closest descendants of Israelite. Israelite became Hebrew after they forged the Hebrew Bible and rejected their home in Yemen and Asir. The Hebrew lied saying they were Chosen and Canaan was Hamitic and cursed so they colonized it.

After 39 years and 11 months of stubbornly wandering the desert, Moses’ wife decides to ask for directions to the promised land,

Brief definitions of terms:
Israelite: was an Arab Yemeni tribe, took refuge in Ethiopia, not Egypt, for 430 years then were expelled in 1446 BC.
Hebrew: were the Israelite who preferred to invade and colonize Canaan in 1406 BC, they mixed with remaining Canaanite and most of both were expelled from Canaan after 530 BC.
Earlier Jews: were Turkic Mongolians mixed with their Asian Meddle Eastern slaves. They were sent to settle in Canaan by Persians in 530 BC claiming that they were the descendants of Hebrew leaders in captivity in Babylon. Earlier Jews migrated to Europe and left the Palestinians in Canaan.
Modern Jews: they are Turkic Mongolians mixed with their European and Western Asian slaves. They settled in all parts of the world, and from 1860 to 1874 they created Proto-Zionism. The Zionist movement was established practical in 1881 and political Zionism in 1896. They organized to take Canaan claiming they are the heirs of Earlier Jews.
Palestinians: are originally non-Arabs from Crete and other Mediterranean regions who were brought by the Earlier Jews in exchange for the expelled 10 Hebrew tribes (Lost Tribes) as slaves and labor to serve them after 530 BC.

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Camel Domestication History Challenges Hebrew Bible Narrative

Camel Domestication History Challenges Hebrew Bible Narrative

Camel Domestication History Challenges Hebrew Bible Narrative

Domesticated Camels Came to Israel in 930 B.C. Centuries Later Than Bible Says

[The dromedary, or one-humped camel is mentioned in the Bible 47 times. Stories about the Jewish patriarchs—Abraham, Joseph, and Jacob—include descriptions of camels as domesticated animals. For example, Genesis 24:11 says, “And he made his camels to kneel down without the city by a well of water at the time of the evening, even the time that women go out to draw water.”]

[Newly published research by two archaeologists at Tel Aviv University in Israel shows that camels weren’t domesticated in the eastern Mediterranean until the 10th century B.C.—several centuries after the time they appear in the Bible.

While there are conflicting theories about when the Bible was composed, the recent research suggests it was written much later than the events it describes. This supports earlier studies that have challenged the Bible’s veracity as a historic document.

The biblical angle wasn’t the focus of the recent research, though, just an after-the-fact observation. The study, published late last year in Tel Aviv: Journal of the Institute of Archaeology of Tel Aviv University, concerned the introduction of domesticated camels at copper smelting sites in Israel’s Aravah Valley.]

Source: Richard Dawkins Foundation 

[The dromedary was probably first domesti­cated in southern Arabia around 3000 B.C.
Of the estimated 17 million camels of the world, 15 million are one-humped, and the vast majority of these (12 million) are found in Africa, especially in the five neighboring East African countries of Somalia (5.4 million), Sudan (2.9 million), Djibouti (0.4 million), Ethiopia (0.9 million) and Kenya (0.5 million). The rest are mainly found in Asia.]



The Origins of Jewish Groups and those in Canaan

The Origins of Jewish Groups

The world need know exactly who are: 1. The Israelite (not Jews), 2. The Hebrew (not Jews), 3. The earlier Jews (not Israelite and slightly Hebrew), 4. The latter Jews (not Israelite nor Hebrew), and 5. The Beta Israel (Israelite not Jews); plus 6. The Palestinians (neither Israelite, Jews, nor Arab).

  1. The original Israelite: they are the immediate descendants of Jacob “Israel” from his children. They were a Hamitic Arab tribe in Yemen. Appeared around 1930 BC. (Note: All Arabs are Hamitic and NOT Semitic as widely believed, while the Canaanite are Semitic NOT Hamitic, the myth of Hamitic Canaan was invented to justify colonization).
  2. The Hebrew: they are the same Hamitic Arab Israelite but became Hebrew after they invaded and colonized Canaan and mixed with Semitic Canaanite starting from 1406 BC. They rejected to stay in the original homeland of the Israelite which was in Yemen and Asir (now in Saudi Arabia). They were the first to claim that Canaan is a holy Promised Land for them. They were also the first to change the teachings of Moses “The Law” and the history of Israelite to  justify the invasion and colonization of Canaan.
  3. The earlier Jews: They were Asiatic Turkic Mongolians came via Persia (Iran) and Mesopotamia (Iraq) starting from 530 BC. They invaded the Hebrew and colonized Canaan. They expelled ten Hebrew tribes and Canaanite and absorbed two Hebrew tribes and brought the Palestinians in exchange for the expelled groups to serve them. The earlier Jews were the second invaders and colonizers of Canaan following the Hebrew.
  4. The latter Jews: They are a mixture of Ashkenazi, Sephardi, Mizrahi, and other groups from different origins mixed with different enslaved people. When the earlier Jews migrated to Europe and various regions they left behind their vassals the Palestinians. The migrating earlier Jews enslaved Eastern and Western Europeans and mixed with them. In 1870 AD this mixed groups created Zionism ideology, with the support of the Ottoman Empire, to call various groups of any links to Israelite, Hebrew, and Turkic peoples to re-conquer Canaan and to struggle to take it back from the Palestinians and establish a modern Jewish State of Israel.
  5. Beta Israel Israelite: The Arab Hamitic Israelite fled Yemen to Abyssinia in 1876 BC escaping drought and disturbances. The Israelite took refuge in Abyssinia for 430 years. Some Israelite mixed with Ethiopians and Sudanese and when they were expelled they fled to Yemen in an Exodus in 1446 BC by crossing Bab-el-Mendab “Gate of Grief/Tears” leaving behind a sizable community of Africanized Israelite.
  6. The Palestinians (not Jewish): a Mix of non-Arab people brought by the earlier Jews from Crete and other Mediterranean regions after 530 BC to replace the expelled ten Hebrew tribes “the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel” and Canaanite to serve the earlier Jews.

The Historicity of the Hebrew Bible is Questioned

It is becoming quite clearer that the Hebrew Bible lacks historicity. This video supports the hypothesis that all the events occurred within Arabia only.
But fortunately it unintentionally adds more weight to the Abyssinian Refuge hypothesis.

To sum it up, there are three hypotheses:
1. The conventional Egypt hypothesis
2. The Arabia only hypothesis
3. The Abyssinian Refuge hypothesis

With the believe that it really happened, the story of Joseph must also be linked to the stories of Famine, Moses, Plagues, Exodus, and other related stories. It seems more plausible to connect the stories of Joseph and the Israelite refuge and Exodus to Abyssinia (ancient Ethiopia) and to Karamah (ancient Nubia) rather than stopping in refuting their occurrence in Kemt (ancient Egypt).


Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Surely, understanding the Israeli-Arab co-called “Conflict” or drama cannot be more easier than with diagram.

There is no doubt that Hebrew Israelite is totally a different group from the relatively newer Jews. It is very important to draw clear distinctions between three different groups who are commonly regarded as one group.

First: The ancient Yemeni Arab Israelite “sons of Israel” those who took refuge in Ethiopia for 430 years staring with Patriarch Joseph then into the whole of Africa in 1876 BC. This Semitic group created wide spread Israelite slavery in all parts of Africa. These were Arab Yemeni Tribe.

Second: The ancient Yemeni Arab Israelite “sons of Israel” who renamed themselves to Hebrew. After the Israelite  came back to Yemen from Ethiopia, via the Exodus in 1446 BC,  they moved on to the north and invaded, colonized, and mixed with the Canaanites since 1406 BC. Later on, they were mostly deported to North Africa by the third group since the invention of Jews and Judaism, which created the Ten Lost Tribes. These are the Hebrews who are part from Israelite

And, the third group is the Turkic Mongolian “Jews” and followers of “Judaism” who were invented by Turkic Persia in 580 BC after a fraudulent Babylonian Return, replacing few hundreds of Hebrew Israelite captive rulers from the House of David by many hundreds of thousands of Turkic settlers. This created “The Jews” who invaded and colonized the Hebrew Israelite, the former invaders and colonizers of Canaan. These Jews deported most Israelite and Canaanite and brought in exchange the Palestinians from Crete and different Mediterranean regions.

According to the Hebrew Bible, the exact place of Moses’ grave remains unknown, in order to impede idolatry. Moses died in Yemen; he never went any further, that is why no one will ever find his tomb.

In 1881, the French vice consulate in Yemen wrote to the leaders of the Alliance (the Alliance Israelite Universelle) in France, that he read in a book by the Arab historian Abu-Alfada that the Jews of Yemen settled in the area in 1451 BC. (45 years before the Israelites invaded Canaan only in 1406 BC. Wikipedia.

He called them Jews but this is wrong he should have said (Israelite) because the term Jews appeared after 530 BC only.


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