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Enough with 175 years of sleep, as Zionism continued unceasingly in the stages of overthrowing the world since 1848

The fourth phase of the invasion of the world by Western Turks Khazars Ashkenazi Zionists has already begun. The fourth stage is taking place now in Kemet (Egypt) and is tightening the screws on the Arabs and heading towards the Amazigh of Libya and Algeria. Eastern Turks and the Levant Hebrew Jews, and agents among the peoples of the region are backing up Western Turks Khazars Ashkenazi Zionists

Since 450 AD, Western Turks Khazars Ashkenazi are wresting Europe from the Europeans. Then they occupied the Americas. In 1848, they launched the Spring of Nations to consolidate control over Europe from the royal thrones and the regimes that they left, as well as from the eastern Turks Ottomans in the Mediterranean, so they held the Basel Conference in 1897 to formulate the Zionist movement program

The stages of the prepared fall of the world since the Basel Conference in 1897 are>>> the first stage is the extermination and domestication of the peoples of Europe >>> the second stage is the creation of an entity in 1948 in Ottomans’ colony>>> the third stage is the creation of terrorism in the Levant >>> the fourth stage is the establishment of a strip mini-state in the center of Kemet (Egypt)> >> The fifth stage besieging Najd and the real Arabs >>> The sixth stage seizing the lands and peoples of the Amazigh from Libya to the Atlantic >>> The seventh stage creating and supporting puppet regimes to loot Africa

What is urgently required is to stop their seizure of Kemet and to establish an international conference and a global national organization to defend peoples from Zionism and to confront the decisions, plans and program of the Basel 1897 Conference of Western Turks Khazars Ashkenazi Zionists

The stages and plans of 1848 for the Spring of Nations for the Western Turkic Khazars and the protection of the national peoples and regimes must be halted and addressed


Making a new mini-state for Zionism over the lands of Kemet

The Zionist Western Turks Ashkenazi Khazars are making a mini-state and installing it in a strip extending from Ain Sukhna to El Alamein for their agents and their workers. It swallows up loans and makes debts on Kemet.

The new Zionist mini-state is almost finished onto the lands and people of Kemet who has to pay off the debts of building this new mini-state

The huge capacities extra wide highways with the monorail and the first line of High-speed rail are, in fact, the lines of entry, exit, transportation, work, security and escape for the agents and workers of the Western Turks Zionists Khazars Ashkenazim in their mini-state that established over the lands and people of Kemet.

The new Zionist mini-state is a copy of the Amorite-Eastern Turks Hyksos colony, but this time it the Western Turkic Khazars Ashkenazim made it.

Zionists recruited, absorbed, settled and empowered Levantines and Kushis in the Zionist mini-state in Kemet as immigrants and refugees for their auxiliary role in Zionist projects.

The World Need Sovereign Lands International Umbrella Movement SLiUM

SLiUM is a proposal to establish an international coalition of patriotic parties in the World. It is not a political party.

SLiUM encourages nationalistic parties to address their unique challenges and problems in accordance to their unique historic heritages

The Basic Fifteen Principles of SLiUM are

  1. The fundamental rule of patriotic movements and political parties is to serve and develop homelands
  2. National sovereignty, international solidarity, historic heritages and human rights are indispensable rules
  3. Nations are custodians of their homelands, and they are to serve the lands, creatures and environments
  4. Protecting freedom, dignity, creativity and development are the top priority of any patriotic political party
  5. The prevailing international religions are fabricated colonial and deceptive tools for exploitation and abuse
  6. The Universe has Creator and the nations of the entire World and the Universe are children of the Creator
  7. There is only One Creator, One Universal Religion with uncountable number of unique national teachings
  8. The One Religion in the basic and simple Universal Constitution older than any nation and has no rituals
  9. Each nation has its own national teachings only fit for them, and are not different and conflicting religions
  10. Each nation has its own teachings, messenger, holy book and sacred places and nations must respect them
  11. Amorite Levant and Turkic Hyksos make troubles and the origin of all World’s conflicts, violence, and wars
  12. Hyksos corrupted World and national histories, and nations must rewrite their history correctly and fairly
  13. Patriotic political parties need to distance themselves from the prevailing Right and Left politics and tactics
  14. The basic goals of any nation must be to achieve their economic, political and social justice and fairness
  15. Nations must control their education, services, media, amenities, faith and political parties and governance

International endeavors need to be seriously exerted to establish SLiUM as soon as possible to protect international peace and security and avoid grave escalation of international conflicts and crises.

How to buy a whole country cheap

Any country can be considered and dealt with as a joint stock company

The country or the company is a hundred shareholders; each one has one share in a company that operates in mineral and gold mines and farms, with a value of 100 million dollars.

A Zionist neighbor wants to buy the company at a cheap price. He agreed with three shareholders on a plan to profit from it together

They offered additional shares, totaling $60 million, funded by the Zionist

The additional shares shall be nominally distributed 30 + 20 + 10 among individuals who are controlled by the three shareholders, the Zionist partners.

The Gang of Three controls the General Assembly and the company’s board of directors and pushes the company to ask for loans

The company’s investments are diverted to build luxury real estate, theme parks, and infrastructure, in preparation for selling the company to the Zionist

The company’s investments falter after weak investment in mining and agriculture and its activities are transformed into unprofitable luxury businesses

The company goes bankrupt and is offered for sale for half or less. The maximum that the Zionist will pay is 80 million dollars

The 97 shareholders receive half of the value of their shares, which is $47.5 million

The Gang of Three loses $1.5 million. However, the Zionist compensates them with a reward totaling 7.5 million dollars.

The Zionist reward is distributed to the gang of three 3.5 + 2.5 + 1.5 million dollars for each of them

The Zionist would thus have bought a company whose value, along with its assets, amounted to 160 million dollars at half the value

The sum of what the Zionist paid to buy a company worth 160 MD is 50 percent of the shareholder + 7.5 for the gang = 57.5 million dollars

With the purchase, the Zionist would have recovered the value of the additional shares that he paid, which is 60 million dollars, by paying 30 MD to himself

By deducting the value of the additional shares, which is 60 million dollars, the Zionist would have paid 57.5 MD to buy a company whose value was 100 million dollars.

The Zionist expels all the former employees of the company and appoints his family members and acquaintances

The company is rapidly expanding in various profitable production activities and fields, and former workers are appointed as workers with nominal wages

Only the Zionist and his entourage benefit from the real estate, amusement parks and infrastructure that the company financed and implemented under the previous ownership

The Reality of the Cold War between the Soviets and America and the Communist and Socialist Regimes

There are fictional stories about Russia, Yugoslavia and other countries, based on a very wrong and very common misbelief, which is that the Soviet Union, which is the center of the Communists, was at odds, competing, and fighting against the Central Intelligence Agency, which rules America.

No, never. Communists and communism are a Zionist Ashkenazi-Turkic Mongolian project since the first day and since the massacre of the Russian Tsar and his family in a heinous crime called the Bolshevik Communist Revolution. It was a lie, and it has continued massacring massively the Russian people since 1917 for six years. From day one, Communism had been fighting the Russian people, killing them, enslaving them and plundering them

All the heads of Soviet communism were traitors, butchers and thieves, not just the Nobel Peace Prize winner Gorbachev. None of all the leaders of communism was Russian, and too were all the members of the Soviet Communist Party.

The Soviet Union was an occupation and plunder of Russia and against the Russians. In addition, the countries of the world that joined the communist camp joined it in order to fight the national movement inside them

The Cold War was a lie and a hoax created by Zionism in the communist Soviet Union and its dependencies. Communism was and still is a partner and ally of Zionism in America and China until today, and since the invention of Zionism in 1850

Any regime that adopted and cooperated with the communist Soviet Union aimed at suppressing and destroying the national movement in it and looting the country in the name of trade deals, weapons, security, defense and fake development and corrupt projects

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