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The Three Pillars of National Liberalism

National Liberal Party (UK) on National Liberalism and Liberal Nationalism

National Liberal Party (UK) on National Liberalism and Liberal Nationalism

The National Liberal Party (UK) is a political party supporting the principle of National Liberalism.

Who are the National Liberals?

National Liberals believe that the personal liberty of a nation’s citizens is vitally important and that this freedom is best preserved within the framework of a democratic nation state. A National Liberal will therefore support measures protecting and promoting personal liberty, greater democracy and national independence (see our Three pillars of National liberalism on this site).

Under Threat

The two main achievements of the 19th century were the proliferation of Nation States and the development of Civil Liberties and Individual Rights. Today these achievements are under threat.

National Sentiment

Establishment politicians are happy to work towards an unreformed ‘ever closer (European) Union’ or slavishly follow US foreign policy. We now, more than ever, need an independent (and ethical) British foreign policy that follows the dictates of national interest and achieves peace by respecting others interests. Questions of national identity, vital in an era of global migration and globalization, are being ignored. Civil and communal strife in many parts of the world, including the U.K. seem all but inevitable. Yet there is an alternative – the creation of unifying and inclusive national sentiments.

Loss of Liberty

National Liberalism

National Liberalism

Establishment politicians are using the ‘War on Terror’ to facilitate a growth in a ‘surveillance society’ whilst restricting civil liberties such as freedom of speech and association and the right to privacy. A heavily regulated society does not fit well with our traditions, where the protection of our liberty is often taken for granted and where an Englishman’s home was considered ‘his castle’.

National and Liberal

We must reverse these dangerous trends by helping to protect our treasured freedoms and liberties within the framework of a preserved nation state. We need a fresh and commonsense third alternative to the forces of Conservative and Labour.

The Three Pillars of National Liberalism

Liberty: Independence: Democracy

National Liberals believe that individual liberty and the right to organise social change is essential for human progress – but we believe a Liberal society can only be attained by people sharing an inclusive culture within the framework of an independent national state.

National Liberals believe that national sentiment is intrinsic to mankind and that an independent nation state is a natural building block of human society. As nationalists we believe in the right to self-determination for all nations and reject imperialism.

National Liberals believe that the principal enemy of liberty are Big Brother Governments who are ever ready to abuse their power for selfish ends or lead us to war. They enslave the people in ‘the name of the people’.

National Liberals believe that the antidote to Big Brother Government attacks on liberty and national feeling is by introducing forms of Direct Democracy. By building democratic institutions and voting systems we can ensure the ‘sovereignty of the people’.

In conclusion;

National Liberals believe “individuals require a national identity in order to live meaningful autonomous lives” and believe liberal societies need the “stability of national identity in order to function properly”. Both liberty and independent nations need strong democratic institutions to defend them from the corruption of Government.

National Liberals Vs. Liberal Democrats

Spot the Difference!

Both the National Liberals and Liberal Democrats believe in protecting personal liberties. These are important and trying times however for those who wish to preserve that liberty.

A Big Brother state is looming with ID cards imminent, public order restrictions and a growing surveillance culture. Once we have discarded our personal protections, that thousands have fought and died for over the centuries, it will be hard to get them back.

But………….the National Liberals and Liberal Democrats are not the same as we differ on some other fundamental issues. Here are just a few examples:


Liberal Democrats believe in surrendering national sovereignty to bodies such as the EU to the benefit of Big Business and Bureaucrats.

National Liberals however believe that national sentiment is intrinsic to mankind and support the preservation of independent nation states.

Free Trade & Globalisation

Liberal Democrats believe in International Free Trade regardless of the impact on jobs and our Balance of Trade.

National Liberals believe that the resulting ‘Globalisation’ i.e. the mass movement of people and Capital has gone too far and is undermining wages, threatening jobs and exacerbating social tensions.

State Role in Society

Liberal Democrats are ambivalent towards the role of the state in society.

National Liberals oppose too much state control but do believe the state can still play a role in supporting vital sectors of the economy such as the self-employed and small trader as well as helping poorer sections of our people.


Liberal Democrats believe, as with other ‘establishment’ parties, in the primacy of Representative Democracy, in particular the will of Parliament.

National Liberals accept the need for democratic Parliaments and Assemblies but are skeptical of their independence from ‘Big Brother’ Governments and members understanding of the needs of ‘real’ people. We would like to see much greater use of referenda to introduce legislation.

In short the National Liberals re-unite patriotism and popular democracy with liberalism!

See also their stand on the very important issue of:

Nationalism Vs. Liberalism?


Comments on: "The Three Pillars of National Liberalism" (2)

  1. This is good ideology for a National. However, the governing body still does not rest with the people. Ultimately, this will lead to further racial, ethnic and socio-economical divisions.

    • The World Need Sovereign Lands International Umbrella Movement SLiUM
      SLiUM is a proposal to establish an international coalition of patriotic parties in the World. It is not a political party.
      SLiUM encourages nationalistic parties to address their unique challenges and problems in accordance to their unique historic heritages
      The Basic Fifteen Principles of SLiUM are
      1. The fundamental rule of patriotic movements and political parties is to serve and develop homelands
      2. National sovereignty, international solidarity, historic heritages and human rights are indispensable rules
      3. Nations are custodians of their homelands, and they are to serve the lands, creatures and environments
      4. Protecting freedom, dignity, creativity and development are the top priority of any patriotic political party
      5. The prevailing international religions are fabricated colonial and deceptive tools for exploitation and abuse
      6. The Universe has Creator and the nations of the entire World and the Universe are children of the Creator
      7. There is only One Creator, One Universal Religion with uncountable number of unique national teachings
      8. The One Religion in the basic and simple Universal Constitution older than any nation and has no rituals
      9. Each nation has its own national teachings only fit for them, and are not different and conflicting religions
      10. Each nation has its own teachings, messenger, holy book and sacred places and nations must respect them
      11. Amorite Levant and Turkic Hyksos make troubles and the origin of all World’s conflicts, violence, and wars
      12. Hyksos corrupted World and national histories, and nations must rewrite their history correctly and fairly
      13. Patriotic political parties need to distance themselves from the prevailing Right and Left politics and tactics
      14. The basic goals of any nation must be to achieve their economic, political and social justice and fairness
      15. Nations must control their education, services, media, amenities, faith and political parties and governance
      International endeavors need to be seriously exerted to establish SLiUM as soon as possible to protect international peace and security and avoid grave escalation of international conflicts and crises.

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