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About Tarig Anter

I am a Sudanese; from Nubian-Fadicca local nation/ tribe, resident in Khartoum, Sudan.

You may describe me as a political activist; Liberal non-ethnic Nationalist; Africanist; Swadeshi believer; secular humanist; Anti-globalism; Anti-liberal democracy.

I am very much interested in developing a better alternative to modern Western liberal democracy. I call my proposal “Three Dimensional Democracy”. You may read a brief on this issue on this blog and also at: columnists.

Professionally, I am a civil engineer; my business interests include: optimum-cost housing; development of appropriate technologies; computer; and small finance.

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If you would like to know dramatic details about me, here they are:

What a Waste of Life for Refugees

What a Waste of Life for Refugees

I was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1956 from Sudanese parents. I grow up in Cairo and Khartoum. I obtained my B.Sc. degree from University of Khartoum. I worked as a civil structural engineer in Sudan for four years; and seven years in Saudi Arabia with a government department. I didn’t like it there but I needed the money.
For six years after I returned to Sudan from Saudi Arabia, I failed to establish my own private housing company. I fled the Sudan twice for Eritrea; Zimbabwe; Botswana; and Zambia due to business, ethnic, religious, and political reasons. I failed during my exile to get any recognition as a refugee or even any temporary documents. My two exiles lasted for a total of eight years; I spent six years of them in prisons and one detention center without charges in Eritrea and Botswana.
The answers I got for my applications for protection as a refugee in these four African countries ranged from: “Wait we are considering your case”; “His story is not credible”; “He is considered a security risk”; “He is a person of no-concern to the state”; and “He had not established a valid claim”. The UNHCR was of no good at all.
To prove to the Eritrean authorities the false malicious claims of their Sudanese opposition, at that time, that I am not a spy; and that I deeply fear and reject being deported by force back to Sudan, I amputated my left little finger using a razor.
My asylum application had been rejected several times in Botswana, and I suffered from obvious negligence from the UNHCR. Later, with the help of a tipoff from a senior UNHCR officer I discovered that one Sudanese senior head in the UNHCR and another one a diplomat were following my troubles in Botswana. They did that without letting me know that. Their purpose was to foil my attempts to get protection and to force me to return to Sudan, to be under close monitoring and tough restrictions. Both officials are my close kinsmen, from tribes close to the government.
The Eritrean authority forced me to leave their country after two and half years of terrible imprisonment conditions just because I protested twice peacefully against being of no-status during the three and half years stay in Eritrea.
The Office of the President in Botswana tried to deport me by force to Zimbabwe at first then when the Zimbabwean authorities refused they locked me for three years and three months (from 3 August 2001 until 1 November 2004) in police stations and common prisons without charges and then held me in a detention center for illegal immigrants without a reason preventing my transfer to a refugee camp.
After two years from the beginning of my detention, I made a passive sit-down protest. The response was attacks from prison officers causing me injuries and humiliations. My restrained demands to report the matters to the police were provocatively ignored repeatedly. I ended up smashing a 50×50 cm. windowpane with my bare hand. Only after that they took me to hospital to treat my body and hand. But they refused to let me file a case against the assaulting officers.
Shortly after that, I was released from detention to be transferred to Dukwi Refugee Camp without any papers. Dukwi Refugee Camp is a miserable waste piece of land in a dissolute corner of Botswana; it is located in the far north of the country near the border with Zambia while the UNHCR offices are in the capital Gaborone in the most southern part just on the border with South Africa!!!!! I assume the authorities in Botswana wanted me to flee their country on my own. Officers from UNHCR make very rare brief visits to that terrible camp. Read this article: “Dukwi refugee camp: a living hell for asylum seekers?” written on 28 Feb 2011 (long after my sufferings) by two local journalists Kopano Olesitse and Kunyalala Manyepedza and published by a local newspaper The Monitor/Mmegi online.
Few months later I met a local girl, we lived together for a while then we married. As a result of breaking that tiny windowpane more than a year ago, the State in Botswana charged me with the offense of “malicious damage to government properties” and after a mock trial without any legal defense or UNHCR representation the court sentenced me to six-month imprisonment without the option of fine. I didn’t appeal and the UNHCR didn’t even contact me. I served most of the sentence in the high security section in the Francistown Main Prison locked in filthy, very congested and violent conditions with serious convicts and criminals.
With such type of sentence as a convict I was subsequently declared a prohibited immigrant, a demotion from the status of illegal immigrant which I had for three years. This meant that holding me in the detention center is legal and indefinite. As a result I was forced to withdraw my application for refugee status and request my return to the Sudan, before my wife gave birth to my child.
I applied for refugee status in Zambia but it was rejected swiftly. Now I live in a voluntary self-imposed exile in the vicinity of my home in Khartoum, Sudan, with complete passive disengagement in any local and national matters and retirement from my profession. The internet became my only companion and friend.
The UNHCR is truly good for nothing indeed. They are a useless punch of highly paid corrupt lazy bureaucrats. This is also true to other United Nations organizations and international humanitarian NGOs and all other similar nonsense. They are the worst forms of wasting resources and feeding cronies and luxurious employment for the West and their associates.
I am a Sudanese civil engineer; from Nubian-Fadicca local nation/ tribe, resident in Khartoum, Sudan. You may describe me as a political activist; Liberal non-ethnic Nationalist; Africanist; Swadeshi believer; secular humanist; Anti-globalism; Anti-liberal democracy. My academic and professional records were good; and I had plenty of initiatives and skills.
I am very much interested in developing a better alternative to modern Western liberal democracy. I call my proposal “Three Dimensional Democracy”. You may read a brief on this issue on this blog and also at: columnists, or at: bloggers section.
Professionally, I gave up civil engineering since 1995; my business interests included: optimum-cost housing; development of appropriate technologies; computer; and small finance.
I invite you to read and comment to my articles published at this page and also on my English WordPress blog Tarig Anter. And on Ghana Web blog; And also at Modern Ghana Columnist; and my blog on; and my articles on; you can also visit my Arabic WordPress blog.

What a waste of life!


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  1. Tarig – thanks for subscribing! I hope you stop by often. It’s nice to meet someone with a broader perspective than most of us have . . . so welcome.

  2. Hello Alexandra;
    Thank you very much for this message; I was worried not to hear from you after that photo mishap.
    I am attached to my tribe the Nubian-Fadicca. ( ( as a basic building block to my bigger nation (commonly called Sudanese). But sadly I don’t speak Nobiin.
    It is comforting to know that “Many people I have met from Sudan have a similar perspective” I thought I am a lone rebel!
    Let me emphasize here that I am a NON-ethnic nationalist; Africanist (but NOT Pan-Africanist); federalist; Humanist; and I believe that all universal religions are corrupt. I believe in local faiths only.
    I am not a knowledgeable source of information about my home region (if you mean Nubia). New modern Sudan is far more important for me.
    Thank you for the advice and I agree that many foreign sources are inaccurate or corrupted; but even with the most corrupt we can read some truth directly or between the lines. Actually, I admire independent thinking and innovation; and not stereotypes.
    My main project for some time is the design of new form of national democracy and system of governance, which I call it “Three Dimensional Democracy”. (XYZ democracy).
    I would love to know your comments on this project and on other issues that interest you.
    Best regards.

    You are most welcome to use the contact form in my blog if the subject is different from this post.

  3. Alexandra wrote on November 8, 2011 at 11:11 pm at:
    [Tariq, I understand what is going on.
    I also want my reader’s posts here.
    My first question to you was to ask, “Do you identify strongly with your tribal roots? Can I clarify which tribe?”

    I have only worked with Sudan’s tribal people (Dinka and Nuer). One of my clients was a boy of 15, when Israeli, Saudi, British and American agents, working with local mercenary recruits, exterminated his entire tribe. He was the only survivor out of 4,000 people.

    Keith Harmon Snow has done an excellent job of covering the atrocities and naming the culprits. Contrary to your statement, they were murdered by foreign agents. Their death was not due to inter-tribal warfare, natural disease or famine.

    These pastoral tribes traced their history back 6,000 years.
    They are wise and well educated about the organizations, nations and the globalist agenda that led to their holocaust. If you were in contact with your tribal roots, you would have the same depth of insight and information. Western writers sound shallow and absurd by comparison.
    What happened to them was criminal and I have to challenge someone from Sudan who is comfortable with mass murder.

    I am familiar will all of your ideas, but that is not the point.
    The tribal people I worked with are experts in the areas listed below and their understanding is closely aligned with Muammar Gaddafi’s.

    -The relationship between the globalists and Islamists
    -globalists created Wahhabi terrorism to destroy Islam and justify a global state
    -Muslim Brotherhood, their origins and purpose
    -globalists are targeting Africa to plunder

    You are unable to speak from the tribal perspective. Your sense of alienation is a result of abandoning those roots. It is your right to choose this path, but not to direct others to do the same.

    The globalists want all tribal people eliminated because the very structure of their psyche is fierce and rebellious. I see this as something to be nurtured, not destroyed by “nationalism”. Right now the nationalist slogan is being promoted by Libya’s NTC as a means of de-legitimizing tribal authority and is a precursor to the further genocide of those who fail to comply.

    Where I live, programs established to assist refugees are appalling because their agenda is to annihilate all remaining vestiges of tribal identity and assimilate people into Western culture.

    While working within this system, I covertly worked against it. For example, I helped Muslims set up their own independent centers where they would be treated with the utmost respect. I referred tribal people from Africa to places where I knew they would find others from their tribe and could continue their healing in a community that honored them.

    So it seems you and I are coming from divergent perspectives that are irreconcilable.]

    My answer to Alexandra is:
    I agree that it seems you and I are coming from divergent perspectives that are irreconcilable.

    What I said and I will continue saying on my blog are enough for those who want genuine dialogue and sincere understanding. Otherwise it is pointless to lay charges; twist the facts; and to dodge from realities.

    Truth and reason will prevail and Africa will get back all North Africa, sooner or later, despite of the loud Arab and Western propaganda, wars, and machinations.

  4. I would like to invite readers of this blog to engage in exploring, writing, and commenting on any of the following topics which interest me most and I guess most of them might also be interesting for you:
    1. Obama’s NATO and AFRICOM, and his masters the corporate globalists.
    2. Dr. Ron Paul presidential candidacy.
    3. Ralph Nader against the two-party system.
    4. Threats of corporate globalization to Healthy Democracy.
    5. Expose the origins and crimes of Western Liberal Democracy.
    6. Re-Designing Democracy.
    7. Occupy the lower and upper houses and the bureaucracy.
    8. The greed triangle of bloated bureaucracy, detached legislators, and corporate globalists.
    9. Non-ethnic nationalism.
    10. The dangers of international secret societies.
    11. Nationality laws and indigenous nationalism.
    12. Create Three-dimensional democracy.
    13. Universal religions are fighting faiths.
    14. Spirit Of Swadeshi inner development.
    15. Corporate globalists alliance with Islamism
    16. Exposing the links between Globalism; Capitalism; Communism; & International Secret Societies.
    17. Nations Must Trash Western Liberal Democracy?…..& Their Way of Life Too.
    18. International Secret Societies & the New World Order.
    19. Corporate globalists & Sunnite Islamism Attacking Nationalism.
    20. Swindles of Modern Liberal Democracy.
    21. All wars in the Middle East and North Africa are between two evils.
    22. Colonial Arab and Western Abuses of Nationality and Nationalism.
    Few lines of comments will be much appreciated. Thanks guys.

  5. Love what I read about you, the adversity makes you a real man. Not the cowards that populated the earth…

  6. Impressive to read your ideas. Westerners need to reinterpret and understand Asia and Africa, and of course the devastating impact of Jews (Khazars? Turkics?). Let’s hope the world will improve.

  7. Hi, I feel for your story, maybe all your friends can get together and help you with a GOFUNDME account or some lawyer could help. Brother, do they know how to translate the MERIOTIC script yet and I’m obsessed with Akenaten and that perhaps he had followers who were the real israelites that left him and went in all directions.

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