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I am a Sudanese; from Nubian-Fadicca local nation/ tribe, resident in Khartoum, Sudan.

You may describe me as a Political activist; history scholar; conservative non-ethnic Nationalist; Africanist; Swadeshi believer; Anti-globalism; Anti-liberal democracy.
Much interested in developing better alternative to modern Western liberal democracy. I call my proposal “Three Dimensional Democracy”.

Professionally, I am a civil engineer; my business interests include: optimum-cost housing; development of appropriate technologies; computer; and small finance.

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If you would like to know dramatic details about me, here they are:

What a Waste of Life for Refugees

What a Waste of Life for Refugees

I was born in Cairo, Egypt, in 1956 from Sudanese parents. I grow up in Cairo and Khartoum. I obtained my B.Sc. degree from University of Khartoum. I worked as a civil structural engineer in Sudan for four years; and seven years in Saudi Arabia with a government department. I didn’t like it there but I needed the money.
For six years after I returned to Sudan from Saudi Arabia, I failed to establish my own private housing company. I fled the Sudan twice for Eritrea; Zimbabwe; Botswana; and Zambia due to business, ethnic, religious, and political reasons. I failed during my exile to get any recognition as a refugee or even any temporary documents. My two exiles lasted for a total of eight years; I spent six years of them in prisons and one detention center without charges in Eritrea and Botswana.
The answers I got for my applications for protection as a refugee in these four African countries ranged from: “Wait we are considering your case”; “His story is not credible”; “He is considered a security risk”; “He is a person of no-concern to the state”; and “He had not established a valid claim”. The UNHCR was of no good at all.
To prove to the Eritrean authorities the false malicious claims of their Sudanese opposition, at that time, that I am not a spy; and that I deeply fear and reject being deported by force back to Sudan, I amputated my left little finger using a razor.
My asylum application had been rejected several times in Botswana, and I suffered from obvious negligence from the UNHCR. Later, with the help of a tipoff from a senior UNHCR officer I discovered that one Sudanese senior head in the UNHCR and another one a diplomat were following my troubles in Botswana. They did that without letting me know that. Their purpose was to foil my attempts to get protection and to force me to return to Sudan, to be under close monitoring and tough restrictions. Both officials are my close kinsmen, from tribes close to the government.
The Eritrean authority forced me to leave their country after two and half years of terrible imprisonment conditions just because I protested twice peacefully against being of no-status during the three and half years stay in Eritrea.
The Office of the President in Botswana tried to deport me by force to Zimbabwe at first then when the Zimbabwean authorities refused they locked me for three years and three months (from 3 August 2001 until 1 November 2004) in police stations and common prisons without charges and then held me in a detention center for illegal immigrants without a reason preventing my transfer to a refugee camp.
After two years from the beginning of my detention, I made a passive sit-down protest. The response was attacks from prison officers causing me injuries and humiliations. My restrained demands to report the matters to the police were provocatively ignored repeatedly. I ended up smashing a 50×50 cm. windowpane with my bare hand. Only after that they took me to hospital to treat my body and hand. But they refused to let me file a case against the assaulting officers.
Shortly after that, I was released from detention to be transferred to Dukwi Refugee Camp without any papers. Dukwi Refugee Camp is a miserable waste piece of land in a dissolute corner of Botswana; it is located in the far north of the country near the border with Zambia while the UNHCR offices are in the capital Gaborone in the most southern part just on the border with South Africa!!!!! I assume the authorities in Botswana wanted me to flee their country on my own. Officers from UNHCR make very rare brief visits to that terrible camp. Read this article: “Dukwi refugee camp: a living hell for asylum seekers?” written on 28 Feb 2011 (long after my sufferings) by two local journalists Kopano Olesitse and Kunyalala Manyepedza and published by a local newspaper The Monitor/Mmegi online.
Few months later I met a local girl, we lived together for a while then we married. As a result of breaking that tiny windowpane more than a year ago, the State in Botswana charged me with the offense of “malicious damage to government properties” and after a mock trial without any legal defense or UNHCR representation the court sentenced me to six-month imprisonment without the option of fine. I didn’t appeal and the UNHCR didn’t even contact me. I served most of the sentence in the high security section in the Francistown Main Prison locked in filthy, very congested and violent conditions with serious convicts and criminals.
With such type of sentence as a convict I was subsequently declared a prohibited immigrant, a demotion from the status of illegal immigrant which I had for three years. This meant that holding me in the detention center is legal and indefinite. As a result I was forced to withdraw my application for refugee status and request my return to the Sudan, before my wife gave birth to my child.
I applied for refugee status in Zambia but it was rejected swiftly. Now I live in a voluntary self-imposed exile in the vicinity of my home in Khartoum, Sudan, with complete passive disengagement in any local and national matters and retirement from my profession. The internet became my only companion and friend.
The UNHCR is truly good for nothing indeed. They are a useless punch of highly paid corrupt lazy bureaucrats. This is also true to other United Nations organizations and international humanitarian NGOs and all other similar nonsense. They are the worst forms of wasting resources and feeding cronies and luxurious employment for the West and their associates.
I am a Sudanese civil engineer; from Nubian-Fadicca local nation/ tribe, resident in Khartoum, Sudan. You may describe me as a political activist; Liberal non-ethnic Nationalist; Africanist; Swadeshi believer; secular humanist; Anti-globalism; Anti-liberal democracy. My academic and professional records were good; and I had plenty of initiatives and skills.
I am very much interested in developing a better alternative to modern Western liberal democracy. I call my proposal “Three Dimensional Democracy”. You may read a brief on this issue on this blog and also at: columnists, or at: bloggers section.
Professionally, I gave up civil engineering since 1995; my business interests included: optimum-cost housing; development of appropriate technologies; computer; and small finance.
I invite you to read and comment to my articles published at this page and also on my English WordPress blog Tarig Anter. And on Ghana Web blog; And also at Modern Ghana Columnist; and my blog on; and my articles on; you can also visit my Arabic WordPress blog.

What a waste of life!

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  1. Tarig – thanks for subscribing! I hope you stop by often. It’s nice to meet someone with a broader perspective than most of us have . . . so welcome.

  2. Hello Alexandra;
    Thank you very much for this message; I was worried not to hear from you after that photo mishap.
    I am attached to my tribe the Nubian-Fadicca. ( ( as a basic building block to my bigger nation (commonly called Sudanese). But sadly I don’t speak Nobiin.
    It is comforting to know that “Many people I have met from Sudan have a similar perspective” I thought I am a lone rebel!
    Let me emphasize here that I am a NON-ethnic nationalist; Africanist (but NOT Pan-Africanist); federalist; Humanist; and I believe that all universal religions are corrupt. I believe in local faiths only.
    I am not a knowledgeable source of information about my home region (if you mean Nubia). New modern Sudan is far more important for me.
    Thank you for the advice and I agree that many foreign sources are inaccurate or corrupted; but even with the most corrupt we can read some truth directly or between the lines. Actually, I admire independent thinking and innovation; and not stereotypes.
    My main project for some time is the design of new form of national democracy and system of governance, which I call it “Three Dimensional Democracy”. (XYZ democracy).
    I would love to know your comments on this project and on other issues that interest you.
    Best regards.

    You are most welcome to use the contact form in my blog if the subject is different from this post.

  3. Alexandra wrote on November 8, 2011 at 11:11 pm at:
    [Tariq, I understand what is going on.
    I also want my reader’s posts here.
    My first question to you was to ask, “Do you identify strongly with your tribal roots? Can I clarify which tribe?”

    I have only worked with Sudan’s tribal people (Dinka and Nuer). One of my clients was a boy of 15, when Israeli, Saudi, British and American agents, working with local mercenary recruits, exterminated his entire tribe. He was the only survivor out of 4,000 people.

    Keith Harmon Snow has done an excellent job of covering the atrocities and naming the culprits. Contrary to your statement, they were murdered by foreign agents. Their death was not due to inter-tribal warfare, natural disease or famine.

    These pastoral tribes traced their history back 6,000 years.
    They are wise and well educated about the organizations, nations and the globalist agenda that led to their holocaust. If you were in contact with your tribal roots, you would have the same depth of insight and information. Western writers sound shallow and absurd by comparison.
    What happened to them was criminal and I have to challenge someone from Sudan who is comfortable with mass murder.

    I am familiar will all of your ideas, but that is not the point.
    The tribal people I worked with are experts in the areas listed below and their understanding is closely aligned with Muammar Gaddafi’s.

    -The relationship between the globalists and Islamists
    -globalists created Wahhabi terrorism to destroy Islam and justify a global state
    -Muslim Brotherhood, their origins and purpose
    -globalists are targeting Africa to plunder

    You are unable to speak from the tribal perspective. Your sense of alienation is a result of abandoning those roots. It is your right to choose this path, but not to direct others to do the same.

    The globalists want all tribal people eliminated because the very structure of their psyche is fierce and rebellious. I see this as something to be nurtured, not destroyed by “nationalism”. Right now the nationalist slogan is being promoted by Libya’s NTC as a means of de-legitimizing tribal authority and is a precursor to the further genocide of those who fail to comply.

    Where I live, programs established to assist refugees are appalling because their agenda is to annihilate all remaining vestiges of tribal identity and assimilate people into Western culture.

    While working within this system, I covertly worked against it. For example, I helped Muslims set up their own independent centers where they would be treated with the utmost respect. I referred tribal people from Africa to places where I knew they would find others from their tribe and could continue their healing in a community that honored them.

    So it seems you and I are coming from divergent perspectives that are irreconcilable.]

    My answer to Alexandra is:
    I agree that it seems you and I are coming from divergent perspectives that are irreconcilable.

    What I said and I will continue saying on my blog are enough for those who want genuine dialogue and sincere understanding. Otherwise it is pointless to lay charges; twist the facts; and to dodge from realities.

    Truth and reason will prevail and Africa will get back all North Africa, sooner or later, despite of the loud Arab and Western propaganda, wars, and machinations.

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    22. Colonial Arab and Western Abuses of Nationality and Nationalism.
    Few lines of comments will be much appreciated. Thanks guys.

  5. Love what I read about you, the adversity makes you a real man. Not the cowards that populated the earth…

  6. Impressive to read your ideas. Westerners need to reinterpret and understand Asia and Africa, and of course the devastating impact of Jews (Khazars? Turkics?). Let’s hope the world will improve.

  7. Hi, I feel for your story, maybe all your friends can get together and help you with a GOFUNDME account or some lawyer could help. Brother, do they know how to translate the MERIOTIC script yet and I’m obsessed with Akenaten and that perhaps he had followers who were the real israelites that left him and went in all directions.

  8. Buddy Silver said:


    This must be the most bizarre title you have ever seen.

    To the Arabs & Muslims, this is tantamount to BLASPHEMY!

    But is it?

    Has humanity been deceived for the last 700 years into accepting Arab & Muslim propaganda regarding Palestine as FACT?

    Let us explore this issue based entirely upon Muhammad’s Quran and no other.

    Anyone who has read the Quran let alone studied it would know the following:

    1. The chapters of the Quran are not written in the order of their alleged revelations to Muhammad. For example, the first verse of the Quran is actually in Sura 96 and not one or two!

    Sura Al Alaq 96:1

    “Proclaim! (or Read!) in the name of thy Lord and Cherisher Who created…”

    2. The verses and story lines are boringly repetitive.

    3. The names of the Hebrew Biblical characters appear all of a sudden, without any indication as to which country they lived, in which era and in what context.

    4. Without references to the Hebrew Bible, no reader of the otherwise incoherent Quran could possibly know the full story of any and ALL of the Hebrew Biblical characters mentioned therein.

    Moreover, their stories in the Quran are based upon Rabbinic & Apocryphal traditions and not upon their originals in the Torah.

    5. The Quran as a whole has no beginning, no middle and no ending, totally unlike the Hebrew Bible.
    6. The stories in the chapters of the Quran, jump from one Hebrew Biblical character in one verse, to a completely different and unrelated character in a completely different era in the next verse, without rhyme, reason or logic.

    7. To compile the story of what we are about to reveal to you, we have had to ferret out all the relevant verses, scattered over many chapters of the Quran, and put them in a coherent order as faithful to the original story in the Hebrew Bible as possible.

    8. And that is why over the last 1400 years, no follower of Muhammad who has not read the Hebrew Bible, could possibly understand, let alone know, the whole story in a consistent manner.

    Before revealing the Quran’s Zionism, it is very important of course, to explain what Zionism means and is NOT according to Arab and Muslim distorted propaganda, but to facts.

    Believers and Unbelieving Kuffar, please be aware, that the immense majority of the followers of Muhammad, recognize the words Zionist and Zionism, but have absolutely no understanding of either the meaning or the concept of these words.

    In Hebrew, Zion is pronounced Tsion, a term that most often designates the Land of Israel and its capital, Jerusalem. The word is found in texts dating back almost three millennia.

    Originally, it was the name of a Canaanite fortress on top of Mount Tsion, which is near Jerusalem, which was captured by King David.

    David made it a royal residence to start with, and his son Solomon, built the first Temple on top of it. Henceforth, the whole hill was named Tsion. Thereafter, the name of the hill and the city of Jerusalem became synonymous.

    In many Hebrew Biblical verses, the Israelites were called the people, sons or daughters of Zion.

    The word Zionism is derived from, & associated with, the word Tsion or Zion.

  9. Buddy Silver said:

    PART 2

    Zionism is actually the national revival movement for the return of the Jewish Diaspora to their homeland of Judea & Samaria, and the resumption of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, the Promised Land, their birth place.

    Zionism was self-consciously the Jewish analogue of European national liberation movements of the nineteenth century. In the modern world it manifests itself as support for the principle and absolute right of the Jews to live securely in their own homeland Israel as they did over a millennia in ancient times as well as on and off over the centuries ever since.

    I shall begin with the most important example of Zionism in the Quran, which is the Quran’s version of the Exodus story starting with Allah’s instruction to Moses and Aaron to go to Pharaoh asking him to release the tribes of Israel from bondage.

    I shall recite only the relevant verses from the chapters in such a way as to make the storyline similar in manner to its original in the Torah. I shall jump over verses that are either repetitive or not relevant to the flow of the story.

    Please pay particular attention as to how – without our collation in a coherent sequence – the relevant verses of the Quran actually jump from one chapter to a completely different one, since they are scattered all over the chapters of the Quran and hence, by themselves do not make a coherent tale.

    Those who want the complete verses can read them in the Quran as I shall be giving you chapter & verse where to find them.

    Sura Ta Ha 20: 47

    “So go ye both to him (Pharaoh) and say `Verily we are apostles sent by thy Lord: send forth therefore the Children of Israel with us and afflict them not: with a Sign indeed have we come from thy Lord! And peace to all who follow guidance!

    Sura Al Aaraf 7: 104

    “Moses said: “O Pharaoh! I am an apostle from the Lord of the worlds.

    Sura Al Aaraf 7:130

    “We punished the people of Pharaoh with years (of drought) and shortness of crops; that they might receive admonition.
    132 They said (to Moses): “whatever be the signs thou bringest to work there with the sorcery on us, we shall never believe in thee.”

    133 So We sent (plagues) on them, Wholesale Death, Locusts, Lice, Frogs and Blood: signs openly Self-explained; but they were steeped in arrogance a people given to sin.

    134 Every time the penalty fell on them they said: “O Moses! On
    our behalf, call on thy Lord in virtue of his promise to thee: if thou wilt remove the penalty from us, we shall truly believe in thee and we shall send away the Children of Israel with thee.

    135 But every time We removed the penalty from them, according to a fixed term which they had to fulfill, Behold! they broke their word!

    136 So We exacted retribution from them: We drowned them in the sea because they rejected Our signs and failed to take warning from them.

    *** Anyone who has read the Hebrew Biblical original, would know, that what was allegedly revealed to Muhammad by the angel Gabriel, is completely different both in sequence and context ***

    Sura Ta Ha 20: 77

    “We sent an inspiration to Moses: “Travel by night with my servants ( the Israelites) and strike a dry path for them through the (Red) sea without fear of being overtaken (by Pharaoh) and without (any other) fear.”

    78 Then Pharaoh pursued them with his forces but the waters completely overwhelmed them and covered them up.

    79 Pharaoh led his people astray instead of leading them aright.

  10. Buddy Silver said:


    PART 3

    Sura Al Aaraf 7:138

    “We took the Children of Israel (with safety) across the sea…

    *** To recap the story thus far: By Allah’s instructions, Moses & Aaron requested the release of the Israelite Tribes from bondage. Pharaoh refused. Allah punished him with a plague. Pharaoh recanted & asked forgiveness BUT when the plague was lifted he again disobeyed Allah. This continued until TEN plagues were visited upon Pharaoh and Egypt.

    Finally Pharaoh allowed the Israelites to leave, but he regretted his decision and pursued them into the Red Sea where Pharaoh & his troops were drowned by Allah thus saving Moses & the Israelites.

    So far, the storyline of the EXODUS, as we have rearranged it from the different chapters of the Quran, is relatively faithful to that of the Torah


    Sura Ta Ha 20:80 :

    “O ye Children of Israel! We delivered you from your enemy and We made a Covenant with you on the side of Mount (Sinai) and We sent down to you Manna and quails:

    Sura Al Israa 17: 2:

    “We gave Moses the Book (Torah) and made it a Guide to the Children of Israel (commanding): “Take not other than Me as Disposer of (your) affairs.”

    Sura Al Aaraf 7: 137:

    “And We made a people (Israelites) considered weak (and of no account) inheritors of lands in both east and west lands, where on We sent down our blessings. The fair promise of the Lord was fulfilled for the Children of Israel, because they had patience and constancy and We leveled to the ground the great works and fine buildings which Pharaoh and his people erected (with such pride).

    ***” inheritors of lands in both east and west lands” is actually the Promised Land of the Israelites on BOTH sides of the Jordan River***

    Sura Al Israa 17: 104

    “And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel “Dwell securely in the land (of promise)”: but when the second of the warnings came to pass We gathered you together in a mingled crowd.

    *** Allah, in very clear Arabic, asserts that he fulfilled his promise to reward the People of Israel with the Promised Land, the same land that the later conquering hordes of Muslim Arabs claim as exclusively theirs CONTRARY to their own Quran ***
    Sura Al Maida 5: 12

    “Allah did aforetime take a Covenant from the Children of Israel, and We appointed twelve captains among them and Allah said: “I am with you: if ye establish regular prayers, practice regular charity, believe in My apostles, honor and assist them, and loan to Allah a beautiful loan, verily I shall wipe out from you your evils and admit you to gardens with rivers flowing beneath; but if any of you after this resists faith he hath truly wandered from the path of rectitude.”

    *** Once again, does the Quran assert the close relationship between Allah, the People of Israel and his promise for the Land ***

    Sura Yunus 10: 93

    “We settled the Children of Israel in a beautiful dwelling-place (the Promised Land) and provided for them sustenance of the best: it was after knowledge had been granted to them that they fell into schisms. Verily Allah will judge between them as to the schisms amongst them on the Day of Judgment.

    94 If thou wert in doubt as to what We have revealed unto thee, then ask those who have been reading the Book (Torah) from before thee: the Truth hath indeed come to thee from thy Lord: so be in nowise of those in doubt.

    *** Allah is clearly instructing the followers of Muhammad that if they were in doubt about the veracity of what Muhammad was revealing to them, and then they should ask the Jews who read the Torah that Allah revealed to Moses.

    This SINGULAR verse, DESTROYS and NEGATES all the LIES and DECEPTIONS by the LATER followers of Muhammad regarding the authenticity and DIVINE origin of the Torah since had it been ALTERED or tampered with by the Jews, Allah would NOT have used it as a WITNESS to the veracity of the Quran***

  11. Buddy Silver said:


    PART 4
    Sura Al Baqara 2: 40

    “O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favor which I bestowed upon you and fulfill your covenant with Me as I fulfill My covenant with you and fear none but Me”

    Al Baqara 2: 47

    “O Children of Israel! call to mind the (special) favor which I bestowed upon You and that 50 And remember, We divided the (Red) sea for you and saved you and drowned Pharaoh’s people within your very sight.

    51 And remember, We appointed forty nights for Moses and in his absence you took the calf (for worship) and ye did grievous wrong.

    52 Even then, We did forgive you; there was a chance for you to be grateful”

    *** Without a shadow of a doubt, the Quran in clear Arabic asserts that it was Allah who CHOSE the Israelites above all other nations and made a mutual covenant with them.

    Furthermore, verse 2:52 is remarkable in its assertion that Allah also FORGAVE their transgression.

    This verse in particular, ABROGATES, Overturns and overrides the LIES and PERVERSIONS by the followers of Muhammad, that tell Arabic IGNORAMOUS peoples that Allah had NOT forgiven the sin of the People of Israel ***

    Sura Al Baqara 2: 122

    “O Children of Israel! call to mind the special favor which I bestowed upon you and that I preferred you above the whole world!

    *** Once more in this verse does Allah assert that the Israelites are his CHOSEN PEOPLE***

    Sura Al Sajda 32: 23

    We did indeed aforetime give the Book (Torah) to Moses: be not then in doubt of its reaching (thee): and We made it a guide to the Children of Israel”

    *** Allah is telling the followers of Muhammad that he gave the Torah ONLY to the People of Israel as a guide ***

    Sura Al Mu’min 40: 53

    “We did a foretime give Moses the (Book of) Guidance and We gave the Book (Torah) in inheritance to the Children of Israel”

    *** “We gave the Book (Torah) in inheritance to the Children of Israel” means to them and their generations AFTER them ***

    Sura Al Dukhan 44: 30

    “We did deliver a foretime the Children of Israel from humiliating Punishment

    31 Inflicted by Pharaoh for he was arrogant (even) among inordinate transgressors.

    32 And We chose them aforetime above all the nations knowingly

    Sura Al Jathiyah 45: 16

    “We did a foretime grant to the Children of Israel the Book (Torah), the Power of Command and Prophethood; We gave them for Sustenance things good and pure; and We favored them above all the nations”

    ***Believers and Unbelievers, please be aware, that the Quran, in verse after verse, repeatedly and unambiguously asserts, that it was Allah and ONLY Allah who did the Choosing, contrary to the Hatemongering declarations by Muslims, that it is the RACIST and ARROGANT Israelites and Jews who declare themselves the Chosen People***

  12. Buddy Silver said:

    PART 5

    Sura Al Ahqaf 46: 12

    “And before this was the Book (Torah) of Moses as a guide and a mercy; and this Book (Quran) confirms (it) in the Arabic tongue; to admonish the unjust and as Glad Tidings to those who do right.

    Sura Al sajda 32: 23

    “We did indeed aforetime give the Book (Torah) to Moses: be not then in doubt of its reaching (thee): and We made it a guide to the Children of Israel.

    Sura Al Maida 5:44

    “It was We who revealed the law (Torah to Moses); therein was guidance and light. By its standard have been judged the Jews by the Prophet who bowed (as in Islam) to Allah’s will by the Rabbis and the doctors of Law: for to them was entrusted the protection of Allah’s Book (Torah) and they were witnesses thereto:
    Sura Al Saffat 37: 114

    “Again! We bestowed Our favor on Moses and Aaron.

    115 And We delivered them and their people from (their) Great Calamity;

    116 And We helped them so they overcame (their troubles);

    117 And We gave them the Book (Torah) which helps to make things clear;

    118 And We guided them to the Straight Way.

    119 And We left (this blessing) for them among generations (to come) in later times:

    120 “Peace and salutation to Moses and Aaron!”

    *** It should be pointed out that not once in these very important verses did Allah instruct the Children of Israel to pass on his Book (the Torah) to any other human group CONTRATY to the Malicious accusations that the Israelites hid the Torah from other peoples***

    And last but not least ‘ icing on the cake’ verse:

    Sura Al Maida 5: 21

    “O my people! enter the holy land (al Arth al Muqaddassah) which Allah hath assigned unto you and turn not back ignominiously for then will ye be overthrown to your own ruin.”

    Based upon all what we have revealed, how can any sane person accept the wild and unsubstantiated claims, that the loose leaf and arbitrary collection of the Quran is CORRECT, whereas the older Hebrew Book, the Torah, whose pages, chapters and verses are in correct order and upon which the Quran’s foundations are rooted, is not?

    It is obvious that Muhammad did not realize that his loose-leaf notes had fully captured and preserved – though somewhat scrambled up from the more ancient accounts – actually verified with detailed accounts, that the Israelites and the Jews had lived many centuries before him, settled and made their homeland as a nation in the very state of modern Israel & territories that have since been restored. These are the very lands that his followers absurdly deny had ever previously belonged to anyone else but themselves?

    In conclusion, based upon all the above, it is crystal clear, that contrary to the untested beliefs of hundreds of millions of Muslims in the world today, their Quran in fact, fully supports and verifies the claims of the Jews for the Land of Israel as their ancient and rightful home and nation.

    JUDAISM – CHRISTENDOM – ISLAM are the 3 Abrahamic Cults of Death, which have drenched the earth with the blood of their victims

  13. Tarig. I am writing now tonight I was in a church family service. Suddenly there emotions changed there was a lot lots language intimidation on the lies of your physical beatings I really only wanted to. Understand these people intentions why they want to harm other people this is to with. The 44th. American. president. Barack Obama. Tonight the pastor. Ranted his name as. insane. This man is Donald trump. He was saying the North Korean War was being used to to make nation burn for Donald trump ego. And now the general in. Charge is befriending. Kim Jong as the victim. The North Korean president. Has sent. To armed missiles to Japan. Now. America. fully equipped Japan to intercept any missile. So how does this American general Call Japan. America is capable of get this fire disposed of. This is. only one. The staff in American military. Needs To clearly see Their country.

  14. Tarig. You wrote no one can get you documents for you. Your wife and child. I don’t know do they have internet if this is possible. To meet. Them most countries now have face book. So getting. a cell phone is a good option.

    • Thanks but I really don’t get what you say.
      If you mean the asylum it was a problem. My wife and child are well connected and living in modern society.

  15. Gloria Jara said:

    To The Most Honorable Friend of True History hiding for 500 or more yrs TARIG ANTER on USA White wash History we are sorry for seen been Erased from Face book and Tweeter .. In honor of the “La Otra Historia de Mejico” and Abya Yala not know to most Immigrants in America ..we welcome you on Tweeter we are the indigenous Women Media Join Us on Brown Continent.. ..

  16. Confused said:

    I want to ask you also about the emperor Haile Selassie, many say he is descended from Queen of Sheba and King Solomon. But why he is inflicted with freemasonry and why he was honoured by freemason lodges around the world.

    Why would the descended of two great figures would be embracing freemasonry? Do you believe that he was a descended of Queen of Sheba and King Solomon? I would be thankful to know your insights on the subject.

    • He was used to destroy the true teachings and history of Moses, Jesus and the Israelites.
      Son of Yeshimebet Ali Abba Jifar was a warlord and slave trader, and very criminal figure.

      • Confused said:

        I tried to add links but not sure why the comment does not go through but I deleted the links. I thank you for your answer. I also thought how someone with high position sits in a castle and have all the wealth while he sees there are poor people whom he can help but he does not. Not only that, he embraced the symbols of freemasonry like yoni symbols that can be seen in his photos. I also saw your other post on Jüri Lina, I am very thankful you added the video series and I saw a pattern that the freemason often repeat, which is when they want to change governments they create riots, in Russia the Bolshevik movement, recently in Iraq the jokers and suddenly the regime changed, and I believe the BLM is also put there to cause chaos and civil war to divide nation and also regime change because the election is near. And if you look at George Floyd’s brother in the video found on YouTube by Ruptly called Switzerland:”I am my brother’s keeper” – George Floyd’s brother’s addresses

        If you listen carefully he was addressing the freemasons, he used a biblical line:”I am my brother’s keeper”, or “I am my sister’s keeper” it is also a slogan used for the eastern star lodge

        Masonry Order of the Estern Star there are t-shirts with the slogan ” I am my sister’s keeper”

        What I try to say a lot of psyops and actors and schemes are made to fool the public (nations) to revolt and to go against one another. And for the government to change.

        In the end all humans matter regardless what a human looks like.

        The pattern the freemasons repeat is revolutions that are paid (like when the tobacco company wanted for the women to smoke when it was forbitten to smoke the tobacco company hired Edward Bernay (relative of Sigmund Freud) and he came up with the idea of Torches of freedom and he hired female actors that were paid to take the cigarettes and light them up and smoke and shout torches of freedom) and he called the press that took pictures and the articles were printed and the next day other females started to do the same, even it was harmful, smoking increased and cancer also increased) taking down governments and changing them aided by the press, and they want also to take weapons from people so people can’t defend themselves, like when you saw in the videos during the Bolshevik and after it, there were people in captivity, in hunger or the farmers that got robbed by the communist soldiers. All those people could not defend themselves. Iraq’s new regime wants to take weapons from the people, in USA the same thing.

        Revolutions, government change, famine, poverty, hunger, slavery camps where people are forced to build something for a freemason dictator while being monitored by soldiers that can decide for the people’s faith, and if the unarmed people spoke, they were eliminated. While the crooks got richer and made more crimes that were covered for without trials, while we are taught the history of the crooks that were behind all the schemes, lies and psyops. We live in the age of deception. But we can bave our ways to find out the truth. Thank you.

      • Thank you. And the reason why sick people are wicked members of secret societies is because they are stupid and cannot make a living on their own without illicit and criminal advantages, and they are unable and unwilling to develop and get normal.
        That is why states build prisons and adopt capital punishment.
        The patriotic struggle of Right conservative Republican groups from all countries and all continents and races must work together to fight the Left liberal Democrat globalists.
        The World in great need for a global Republican movement to protect nations and freedoms from BLM, deep states and their criminal secret societies. Call it GRM against BLM.
        Mr. Trump and other leaders of European, American, Asian and African right nationalists must find ways to work together and protect each other.

  17. Confused said:

    Bolshevik Liberation Movement = BLM

    Just like other BLM movements.

    Joker film comes out straight out from the oven of Hollywood, jokers in Iraq take over. If that is not scripted, I don’t what else is. I hope people will not fall for these lies that try to pull the strings of nations and move them like marionettes, people should cut the mental and physical strings, and not be marionettes in the hands of others.

    • Black is not one color; and Africa is not one nation.
      I am from an African country which is now totally destroyed and corrupted and massacred by West Africans.
      Don’t tell me black is beautiful, or deserve sympathy. This is a sweeping statement. We must be exact and realistic.

  18. Confused said:

    First of all I am sorry for what took place and happened in your country. They say those who lost their vision are blind but I think we who have vision are blind. We are all human beings despite of our differences when it comes to looks. I refered to the movements that purpose is to divide nations and play with their emotions. As when it comes to Africa, there are many countries, cities, villages and tribes in it. And when it comes to beauty, it is in the eye of the beholder. It is like going to an art gallery and some visitors might see a work of art as an ugly piece of art and others see it beautiful. Some people might have judged the elephant man Joseph Merrick based on his looks but his personality and soul beats any looks.

    I am glad you mentioned being realistic, I like to know the truth about history. I would like to know the origin of Iraqis who are currently in Iraq no matter what that truth is. And if you have any information, I would be thankful.

    And when it comes to oppression we find that in many nations people oppressing their own people (which is wrong and should be condemned and stopped). Or neighbouring countries attacking on others while the press is silence about the oppression and aggression just like what is happening in Yemen to Yemeni people.

    • Iraq is a very sad story; a history of disasters. The Turkic Mongolian groups and Amorite Bedouins utterly destroyed it.
      Turkic groups of Akkadians; Hyksos; Jews; Persians and Turks are the main players in Iraq and the Sumerians lost their history, land and identity.

  19. Confused said:

    You’re welcome and I agree with you that only the cowards and the crooks join these secret societies. Just like empires were built, they came down. Nothing lasts forever.

  20. Confused said:

    Indeed it is very sad when history is destroyed, we see that being repeated in many places or the historical findings being stolen and kept away from the public. What is being displayed is only the history that supports the narratives of crooks who rule, the history that they display supports their interests.Thank you for your answer and for your help.

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