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Kemet expelled the Hyksos from its north in 1523 BC that cut off Hyksos loots routes to Levant. The Hyksos used West Africans to take sea route, which created Troy saga. They went on land to attack south Kemet.

The Hyksos with Berber became Yellow/ pale Fulani and their West African vassals, slaves and mercenaries are black Fulani. There is also a bronze skin mixed Fulani who later claimed to be Arabs and Moslem priests.

Hyksos invaded Kerma and its neighbors in 1500 BC. In 1450 BC Thutmose 3rd, who had West African maternal blood, betrayed Kemet and allied with the Hyksos. He assisted them to colonize southern Kerma with a center in desecrated sacred Jabel Berkal, he trained and took some of them to become the wicked priests of Thebes to cancel Kemet religious heritage and priests.

In 1000 BC north, Kerma collapsed and entered bloody chaotic period.

Kemet’s 24th Dynasty expelled the colonizers of 21, 22 and 23 Hyksos dynasties. The priests of Thebes urged the mix Fulani colonizers of Kerma to unity and make Kush and invade Kemet.

The Fulani Hyksos created Kush regime and called it kingdom in 780 BC. They invaded and colonized Kemet. Immediately, Kushites went to Levant to support the expelled Hebrews from the army of Sumerian Ashur dynasty war to liberate Ugarit, Ebla and Kemet.

The Hebrews who are only Amorite Bedouins of Syria and Jordon, and in 600 BC called themselves Hebrew Jews, praised the assistance of Kush in their invented book written 850 years after Moses and Torah. The pale + black + mixed Fulani Kush were Amorite-Turkic Hyksos together with Berber plus few West Africans.

The Kushites of the Nile are completely different from the ancient Puntite clan of Cushites. Many African Americans consider themselves the Nile Kushites and this link them to the Hebrew colonization of Kemet.

These Kushites go further and claim that the civilization of Kemet is of Hebrew origin and the West African Americans are the descendants of the Hebrews and there are black Hebrews.

The photo shows West African captives who re-invaded Kemet with Hyksos. Kemet did not know slavery at all. The captives are were black Fulani and later became African Americans who allege to be black Hebrews

Jews are either 1. Amorite Hebrew Levant or 2. Turkic Khazar Ashkenazi only. The African American (AA) claim is a deliberate paid attempt to claim that the Israelites, who are indeed brown Africans from Punt Lands, southwest of the Red Sea, are also Jews.

The AA are serving the Jews to discredit the genuine Israelites and create further confusion. AA are west Africans and mainly Fulani. They are serving the purpose of inventing a third Jewish group out of the Israelites.

The Hebrews are certainly part of the expelled Amorite Hyksos who are Syrian Bedouins. The Israelites are not Hebrews at all, although the Hyksos around 600 BC used the language of the Israelites to concoct the Hebrew so-called language rooted in the Ge’ez of the Israelites

The Fulani is not a tribe or a nation. They are a mix collected by Amorite-Turkic Hyksos since 1500 BC and used them in different ways. AA and Fulani are serving Jews to claim that Kemet civilization is their own, and the dark people of Kerma the ally of Kemet are West Africans


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