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The Amorite Hyksos Hebrew origin of the Romans is one of my tens groundbreaking discoveries

Other groundbreaking discoveries of mine include

The Turkic Mongolian Khazar origin of the Vikings and the thrones of Europe

The Amorite Hyksosian Origin of the Hebrew Jews

The Turkic Mongolian Khazar origin of the Ashkenazi Jews and Zionism

The Ethiopian homeland (the country of Punt) for the children of Israel, Israel and Jerusalem

The complete difference between the children of Israel and the Jews

The current total occupation of Europe by the Turkic Mongolian Khazars Zionists and the Amorite Hebrew Romans

Levant Bedouins Amorites and Turkic Mongolian nomads from East Asia colonized the Arabs and Europe, used their languages, and colonized the world. The colonizers claim that their colonialism is Arabic and European


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