Protect Democracy & Expose Western Liberal Democracy

O people, presidency and army of Egypt, O Arabs and friendly peoples, Egypt is calling you

The people of Egypt are kind, simple and peaceful, and they produced a great civilization that has been creative and thrived for thousands of years. The lands of Egypt have enough resources to restore it’s renaissance again after a continuous occupation, colonization and looting for a period of 2356 years since the fall of the Thirtieth Dynasty in 343 BC at the hands of the Persians and the rest of the gangs that branched off from the Hyksos of the Levant Amorites and Turkic Mongolians of East Asia.

The people of Egypt regained their state and their true sovereignty only by making the 2013 Revolution. Now Egypt is dealing with the remnants and effects of occupation, colonialism and a very long destructive looting by all standards, and this is never easy.

Therefore, Egypt calls on its people, its presidency, its army, the Arab brothers and all the friendly peoples in the world to support Egypt to restore its renaissance for the benefit of the region and the world.

Egypt’s victory in 2013 to restore its freedom and sovereignty is equivalent in its size and grandeur to exiting a world war, and this requires the launch of intensive organized international action similar to the Marshall Economic Plan for the reconstruction of Europe after the end of World War II

Certainly Egypt can rely on itself only, but that will require more time to confront and push back the forces of evil that are working inside and around Egypt to stop and reverse the nascent Egyptian renaissance. Therefore, regional and international support and awareness are necessary and required to expedite the reform processes.

There are several dangers and threats facing Egypt and its new renaissance today, they cannot and should not be ignored or minimized, and their summary are as follow

1. The difficulties of economic reform and fighting poverty resulting from the escalation of debt accumulation, high inflation and the devaluation of the national currency

2. Attempts and attacks by foreign extremist Hyksos terrorist gangs on the security of the internal fronts

3. Abuse and distortion by international bodies and foreign countries of the principles of human rights and freedom of expression and their exploitation against Egypt

4. The drain on Egyptian brains and expertise, and the restrictions and costs imposed on the transfer of technologies, industry, and services

5. The deliberate and intentional weakness of parties hostile to the reputation of Egypt, its people, its history, civilization and tourism

6. Unfair terms in international trade, foreign investment, commodity markets, and borrowing

7. Weakness and poor media and channels and local, regional and international political cooperation

It should be remembered that Egypt has remnants of colonialism, and they are a wealthy minority and influential of the worst types of creatures from the Hyksos. These people do not want good for the people of Egypt, nor brotherhood, cooperation and partnership with Arabs, Africans and Europeans. They are working to restore the bad conditions that existed before 2013 and to thwart attempts to mobilize international support in favor of Egypt.

For these reasons and objectives, it is suggested and absolutely necessary to call for an international conference to be held in early 2023 in the new capital that New Egypt recently built under the title “Conference to Support the Renaissance of the New Egypt 2023


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