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I wrote for sometime that the Hebrews are one of the four offshoot gangs from the Hyksos expelled from Kmt in 1523 BC.

The Hyksos are surely Amorites majority and Turkic Mongolian minority but powerful nomadic gangs. Sumer testifies clearly that the Amorites are terrible preventive Bedouins.

The Hebrews colonized Ugarit which is the eastern coasts of the Mediterranean in 1450 BC and made a colony called Phoenicia which started piracy

Male-only Hebrews, who came from their colony Carthage via Sicily, Sardinia and Corsica, made Rome corral in 753 BC.

Time will tell soon that my discovery that the Romans are Bedouin Amorites is a breakthrough development in history the world failed to discover for 2500 years

Turkic Khazars invaded Baltic North Europe and created the Vikings and new wide piracy. Turkic Khazar Vikings invaded and colonized West Europe and created the present monarchs and elite.

The so-called European Union is just the International Zionism designed in 1850 AD. The correct name for the EU is Zuropean Union ZU.

No more Amorite-Turkic Hyksos deceptions and forgeries. End of the game.

The Bedouin Amorite Romans are no longer a significant threat for Europe. The major hazard for Europe and the World are the Turkic Khazar and the older Turkic component of the Hyksos

European Union is Castle for Turkic Khazars Zionism and Amorite Hebrew Romans both Hyksos

One of the clearest examples and evidence of the fall of Europe and other countries in the region into the hands of the Turkic Mongolian gangs is the widespread construction and use of castles, special forces and prisons, which are centers and tools for the Turkic Mongolian gangs in conquest, control and occupation.

There are more than forty thousand medieval castles and their remains in Europe. It is clear that eastern, northern and western Europe fell into the hands of the Turkic Mongolians, while southern Europe fell into the hands of the Bedouins of the Amorites.

The country with the most castles is Germany. Wales is the county with the largest number of castles. France has the oldest castles in Europe. Windsor Castle in London is the largest of the castles.

The criminality of any Turkic gang is directly related to the size and wealth of the leader’s castle, his family and his entourage.

The irony is that castles in Europe and in other Turkic Mongolian colonies, with their prisons, slave quarters, and fortifications, are admired as examples of beauty, wealth, splendor, power and luxury.


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