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Ibn Khaldun is a charlatan and a mercenary writer who covered up the Amorites, the Bedouins of the Levant, his people, the Hebrew and the Zionists Jews, the Amorite-Turkic Mongols Hyksos, and the pseudo-pagan sects of colonialism.

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan misled the world about the invention of the Hebrew Jews and the Jews of the Turkic Mongols of the Khazars, both of whom are Hyksos and their complete animosity and their hostility to the Children of Israel, the Arabs, and all the peoples of the region and the world

The charlatan has insulted and humiliated the Religion, which is Islam, and misunderstood it, and offended the Muhammadan message, all the heavenly messages, and the peoples of the region. He called the Arabs Bedouins. He accused the Arabs of the crimes and vices of his people the Amorite Bedouins.

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan did not mention the peoples, states and civilizations of Dilmun and Magan Meluhha of the Arabs and ignored the civilizations and states of Kmt, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, Iran, Punt, Kerma and Lebu in the service to the savages occupiers, their masters

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan served the worst types of invaders and occupiers and gave them legitimacy and false virtues, and he never questioned the claims of the Amorites and Hebrew Jews in the presumption that they were Semites. He did not say that King Solomon’s temple does not exist in Aelia

Ibn Khaldun the charlatan remained silent about the forgery of the Abbasids and the Mamluks in religion and the Muhammadan message and their exploitation of power.

He did not mention, nor did he reveal the true homeland and history of the Children of Israel and their messenger Moses and all the prophets of the Children of Israel, nor did he challenge the naive stories of the Babylonian Talmud

Ibn Khaldun is a lowly creature and to this day, the gangs of the Amorite Hyksos and the Turkic Mongolians applaud him, followed by ignorant, collaborators and naive

The concepts that they spread and the general attitude towards Ibn Khaldun’s personality and his extensive old destructive role must be corrected

To take big decision in crucial period a patriot must be well-informed intellectual

The present of the Americas is based on the basic but overlooked fact that the colonies were made up by Turkic Hyksos who brought poor Europeans and enslaved Africans to serve the colonizers. European American emancipated themselves, while African American are not yet emancipated

No patriot in Europe, Africa and the Americas is aware of the reality. This is why Africa, Europe and the Americas are failing to understand the root problems and certainly failing to solve them.

Even the so-called Democracy and elections do not help. Leaders who do not know real history and is how they are cheated.

Gadaffi and Saddam were Amorite Hyksos in conflict with the Turkic part of the Hyksos; but still they were against the nations they were colonizing Lebu and Sumer. The two are very different from Hitler. The two were more informed than Hitler was. Hitler was a foolish patriot like Alexander the Great unaware of the sources and causes of troubles.


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