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1. The nation of Israel is entirely different from other two groups, but not nations, called themselves Jews. The faith of Israelites is also utterly different from what the Jews call it two forms of Judaism.

2. True science and true religion do not support the claims of single origin of human species or migrations. Each nation has its own first couple sprouted from their soil, water and environment then they multiplied.

3. The known Adam and Eve were the first couple of a specific nation located in Punt Lands in southwest end of the Red Sea only. Adam and Eve are unrelated to any nation other than Punt, and their descendants confined to Punt Lands, with minor presence in neighboring regions. Noah, Sam, Ham, Japheth and their descendants are only in Punt. The Semites are one of the tribes of Punt. There are no Semites other than the Puntite Ethiopians not even in Arabia, other parts of Africa, Europe, Americas or the entire World.

4. The Israelites are Semites existed before 1900, and the Semites before 2400 BC. Moses was born in Gondar. He led the Exodus and received the Torah in 1446 BC on Simien Mountains in Ge’ez Language. These were concurrent with the rule of Thutmose 3rd who supported the Hyksos to colonize Ugarit. While, the first Hebrew Jews appeared as Judeans in Levant from Amorite Hyksos in 600 BC.

5. The first Turkic Khazarian Jews appeared in 750 AD after the Turkic Abbasids asked Khazars to remove Hebrew from Ugarit. The Israelites bore their name from 1900 to 600 BC but it was not Jews or Judeans.

In 600 BC, the Babylonian Hyksos colonizers made a colony in Ugarit and called it Israel as a new copy of Israel following their annihilation of true Israel in Punt; and settled in it the Hebrew Hyksos. Babylonians divided their colony for the Hebrew into 12 areas and they called one of it Judea and Judeans, but the term Jews appeared much later to point to all the Hebrew Hyksos of 12 areas of the invented Israel

6. The Amaleks were not Arab tribal group but Bedouin Levant expelled Hyksos, like in Syrian deserts and Jordanians, who colonized part of Punt Lands in 1500 BC. The Punt people called the Levant Hyksos Amorites Amaleks because they considered them giants by the standard of Punt Lands who are slim short.

7. Joshua, the son of Nun son of Ephraim son of Joseph son of Jacob son of Isaac son of Abraham, became in 1406 BC the first leader and ruler for the Israelites after Moses. Joshua led the Israelites to liberate the Canaanites in Punt Land, not in Levant, from the colonization of the Levant Hyksos Amorites Amaleks; and to settle and share Canaan with the Canaanites peacefully and friendly. Joshua did not fight the Canaanites.

8. Those who were part of the problems, conflicts, plagues and wars of Europe, the Americas or Africa are not Puntite or Ethiopians, and hence they are not Semites. It is completely wrong to call the Jews for any logic as Semites, whether they are Amorite Levant Hebrew Jews or Turkic Khazars Ashkenazi Jews.

9. Europeans did not meet a single Semite Israelite and there is no reason to describe any European as anti-Semitic because there were, and still are, no Semites in Europe. Indeed, Europeans confronted Turkic Khazars who started calling themselves Jews in 750 AD and identified, as Ashkenazim; but these are not the ancient Semites or ancient Israelites at all. Hebrew are branch of Hyksos and they are not Israelites at all.

10. Turkic Khazars Ashkenazi who are the newer Jews are not Hebrew Amorite Levant who are the older Jews. Levant Amorite Hebrews made in 1400 BC the Phoenician piracy from Ugarit while Turkic Khazars made the Vikings piracy from Nordics in 780 AD. The Phoenicians of the Hebrews raided and colonized the Mediterranean, North Africa, Central Asia and Southern Europe. While the Vikings of the Khazars raided and colonized Britain, Western Europe, Southern Africa and the Americas.


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