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The appalling comments from both directions of black African American and Fulani Kush Hyksos and from Mediterranean Turkic Mongolian Romans are against Kmt originality and genuine indigenous origin

I do not call the motives and allegations of African Americans and Fulani in Africa Afrocentrism because they are not about African heritage which ancient and modern Egyptians are definitely part of. What drive African Americans, delusional West Africans and Fulani in Africa against Kmt/ Egypt and other genuine nations in the Middle East and Africa and Europeans are malicious cover up and insistent slavery serving behavior from blacks towards their slavery masters who are still the Hebrews who branched from expelled Hyksos and the Berber Moors

Slavery first appeared in Iberia following the appearance of Rome in 753 BC. Slavery expanded in Iberia during the Hyksos (Amorite-Turkic)-Berber colonization in 718 AD. After the Reconquista Portuguese Jews targeted the coasts of Africa extensively.

The Atlantic slave trade to Brazil refers to the period of history in which there was abduction and shipping of Africans to Brazil for the purpose of slavery. Some call it forced migration but it was worse than this soft term. It lasted from the mid-sixteenth century until the mid-nineteenth century. During the trade, more than three million Africans were transported across the Atlantic and sold into slavery.

It was divided into four phases: The Cycle of Guinea (16th century); the Cycle of Angola (17th century) which trafficked people from Bakongo, Mbundu, Benguela and Ovambo; Cycle of Costa da Mina, now renamed Cycle of Benin and Dahomey (18th century – 1815), which trafficked people from Yoruba, Ewe, Minas, Hausa, Nupe and Borno; and the Illegal trafficking period, which was suppressed by the United Kingdom (1815-1851). During this period, to escape the supervision of British ships enforcing an anti-slavery blockade, Brazilian slave traders began to seek alternative routes to the routes of the West African coast, turning to Mozambique. It was the reason behind catastrophic warfare, migrations, civil wars and depopulation, as in the Mfecane.

Now, all the nations and countries fell to Portuguese Jewish slavery raids suffer from memory loss and fictitious history and are dragged into malicious campaign against the main enemies of the Hyksos and their branches the Hebrew Jews, Mitanni Kurds, Kassite Babylonians and Mukarribs Sabaeans. The Hyksos were 90% Bedouin Levant Amorites plus 10% Bedouin Turkic Mongolian of East Asia. The enemies of the Hyksos and their branches are Kmt, Ugarit, Ebla, Sumer, Arabs, Punt, Kerma, Lebu, Aegean and Iran

In fact, slavery in Africa is much older than the Atlantic Slave Trade to the Americas. Slavery in Africa started when a group of Levant Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos crossed Ancient Egypt around 1600 BC to loot North Africa and chase away the Amajagh, commonly known as Tuareg, from their homeland in all North Africa.

Levant Amorite-Turkic Mongolian Hyksos allied with small-scattered North African nomads known as Meshwash, commonly known as Berber, to raid on horses, loot and enslave across all West Africa. These raids and enslavement created mixed camps that turned into settlements and were called Fulani. The Fulani became the main agent and troops for further abducting any making slaves from all tribes.

African Americans, Fulani and damaged communities have to realize the history of slavery and the vanity of faking history and origins and malice against indigenous people including Europeans, who were also victims of expanding Turkic Mongolian Romans and colonizers of Eastern Europe.


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  1. Reblogged this on Muhammad's Artiste Corner and commented:
    Insights about the Slave Trade abounds The above commentary is a new addition to the Slave Trade narrative.

  2. Issa Elhadi said:

    Hello again, good sir. I pray that the Almighty has you in good health.

    A few months ago, I commented on your article regarding how Afrocentricity is actually working AGAINST Africa, in which I mostly agreed.

    As I told you in that article, I have been engaged in researching and writing on the true history of East Africa, the Bani Isra’el, and their connection to West Africa.

    With humility, I have discovered something that may be of great assistance. I noticed you claim the Israelites mainly populated the Afar triangle near the Danakil desert and migrated there from Tigray Region (If I’m not mistaken).

    Actually, I believe and am 90 percent convinced that the actual exodus was from the Khartoum region to the Tigray region across the Blue Nile, where the first Israel kingdom was established. Eventually after some years, the Bani Isra’el proceeded to conquer lands eastwards towarda both banks of the Red Sea.

    When the Kingdom split circa the 9th Century B.C, the Kingdom of Judah settled in modern day Yemen. Whereas Israel remained in the Tigray region but was attacked by various Turko-Persian forces over the course of time, which led to much migration westwards.

    What led me to this conclusion, other than the various scholarly works I read (even though it lingered for a while) was ironically reading the Holy Qur’an, in Surah Al-Kahf (18 ayat 60):

    “And remember when Musa (Moses) said to his young assistant: ‘I will never give up until I reach the JUNCTION OF THE TWO SEAS.'”

    The Arabic term used here for “Seas” is “Al-Bahrayni”; and a distinction is made in the Qur’an between “Al-Bahrayni” and “Nahr/Anhaaru” (meaning “river” as written in Surah 4 verse 13)

    (Forgive me by the way if it seems that Im trying to “teach” as I know you know these things already; I’m just setting a premise).

    With the above said, the Exodus can ONLY be from one or two locations based of the revelations:

    1) Khartoum, Sudan at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile River, while they migrated until settling in the Tigray Region.

    2) The Coast of Southern Eritrea near Assab, to southern Yemen, off the coast of the Gulf of Aden.

    Though lingustically (regarding the Classical Qur’anic Arabic), the latter seems to be more plausible, until we realize that the classical Arabic terms for the Blue Nile and White Nile are, Bahr al-Azraq (Blue Nile) and Bahr al-Abyad (White Nile).

    Furthermore, another ayat in the Qur’an pretty much dropped the veil and opened my eyes to my strong conviction of the first hypothesis;

    In Surah Ta’ha (20 verse 12), Allah says to Musa (Moses):

    “Indeed, I am your Lord, so remove your sandals. Indeed, you are in THE BLESSED VALLEY OF TUWA”.

    I searched for Middle Age writings as well as maps to find the location of this region. The only region that linguistically and geographically matches up to this Sacred Valley is the TEAWA VALLEY which is south of El-Ghaddarif, Sudan (between Khartoum and Northern Ethiopia.

    Inshallah, when I finish writing this paper.. I would love to send it to you (if that is not an issue). To see if you agree with my assertions regarding this subject.

    May you be rewarded for the work you’re doing.

    • The Israelites are related to camels, many rivers, walled city, volcanic fissures, huge mineral mines, ancient sea port, language from which Hebrew was borrowed, close proximity to Yemen, certain types plants and animals, and many more
      Eastern Sudan was part of the Israelite theatre because it is northern Punt, but not Khartoum which its eastern part was part of Kerma civilization.
      Please send and post your paper publicly.

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