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The homeland of Turkic Mongolians is in West Mongolia, East Kazakhstan and North Uyghur. Their gangs began raiding the world in 3000 BC or even earlier.

The groups that were to comprise the Khazar Empire were not an ethnic union, but a congeries of steppe nomads and peoples who came to be subordinated, and subscribed to a core Turkic leadership.

Many Turkic groups, such as the Oğuric peoples, including Šarağurs, Oğurs, Onoğurs, and Bulğars who earlier formed part of the Tiělè confederation, are attested quite early, having been driven West by the Sabirs, who in turn fled the Asian Avars, and began to flow into the Volga-Caspian-Pontic zone from as early as the 4th century CE.

Priscus recorded that they resided in the Western Eurasian steppe lands as early as 463. They appear to stem from Mongolia and South Siberia in the aftermath of the fall of the Hunnic/Xiōngnú nomadic polities.

A variegated tribal federation led by these Turks, probably comprising a complex assortment of Iranian, proto-Mongolic, Uralic, and Palaeo-Siberian clans, vanquished the Rouran Khaganate of the hegemonic central Asian Avars in 552 and swept westwards, taking in their train other steppe nomads and peoples from Sogdiana.

The ruling family of this confederation may have hailed from the Ashina clan of the Western Turkic Khaganate, although Constantine Zuckerman regards Ashina and their pivotal role in the formation of the Khazars with scepticism.

Golden notes that Chinese and Turkic Abbasid reports are almost identical, making the connection a strong one, and conjectures that their leader may have been Yǐpíshèkuì, who lost power or was killed around 651. Moving west, the confederation reached the land of the Akatziroi, who had been important allies of Byzantium in fighting off Attila’s army.

The Turkic Mongolians were allies and the fighting forces of the Amorites in making the Akkadians in 2334 BC in Southern Sumer and the Hyksos in 1670 BC in Northern Kmt.

The Syrian Amorites formed the Umayyad in 660 AD. The Turkic Mongolians competed with the Syrian and Roman Amorites and formed the Abbasids who violently brought down the Umayyad in 750 AD.

The Turkic Mongolian Abbasids sought support from the Khazars to drive away the Syrian Amorite from Ugarit that became Amorite Hebrew colonies of Phoenicia and Canaan since 1450 BC

The Turkic Mongolian Abbasids and Khazars agreed to form new form of Jews and Judaism to replace Hebrew Amorites and Hebrew Judaism. The Turkic Mongolians called the new form of Jews and Judaism made in 740 AD Zionism. The Turkic Zionists displaced the Syrian and Roman Amorite Hebrew Jews to resettle as subjects in Iraq, Yemen, Egypt, North Africa and Iberia.

The other part of Khazars still in Northern Caucasus invaded Eastern and Central Europe called themselves Ashkenazi. The Turkic Mongolian Khazars Ashkenazi raided the trade routes leading to the Baltics. They formed with Scandinavian trading sailors’ news piracy fleet and gangs and called them the Vikings.

Turkic Mongolian Khazars with their Vikings piracy raided and subjugated Western Europe, the Celts and formed new colonies and the monarchs that rule Western Europe today.


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