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Syrian Amorite Jews and Turkic Mongolian Jews versus the genuine Israelites

The origins of earlier Jews made in 600 BC in Babylon and later Jews made in 740 AD in Khazar. While Israelites existed in Punt Lands since 1900 BC

This map shows that the early eastern Jews are Syrian Amorite Bedouins made in 600 BC, while the new western Jews are Turkic Khazars from East Asia made in 740 AD

Syrian Amorite Levant Bedouins and Turkic Mongolians from East Asia by 90% and 10% are together the Akkadians, as well as the Hyksos

The map also show that the Children of Israel since 1900 BC are a people from the peoples of Punt, in southwest of the Red Sea.

The Mukarribs Amorite Hyksos destroyed the genuine homeland and the Kingdom of Israel; and the Mukarribs dispersed the Israelites from their homeland, and took part of them to Yemen and the western and southern coasts of Arabia as well as sold many of them to passing ships and some fled to the hinterland of Africa.

The Jews have absolutely nothing to do with the Children of Israel and their prophets, nor with Moses, nor with the Torah of Moses, nor with Holy Temple of Solomon, Jerusalem nor with any heavenly message.


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