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The invasion, occupation and colonization of Spain and Portugal are the crimes of East and West Asian gangs and mercenaries from North Africa. Arabs or the Religion have nothing to do with them.

It is never permissible to justify any occupation of any people and country and claim that the colony of Andalusia is a right for East and West Asian gangs and Berbers. Berbers are not Amazigh/Tuareg at all.

And it is never permissible to support false, forged, corrupted narratives to glorify barbarian criminal occupation and describe it as a civilization and the Religion. History, Religion and politics are corrupt now

It is never permissible to accuse the honest and oppressed Arabs and Europeans of the crimes of the occupation of North Africa, the invasion of West Africa, the occupation and corruption of Spain and Portugal and Americas carried out by barbaric and backward East and West Asian and North African gangs.

It is never permissible to forge Muhammad’s message, and any divine message, using it as a colonial tool, and manipulate the Religion for occupation. The Religion is much older and wider than heavenly messages

Europeans and Arabs should never be accused of backwardness and aggression by backward, stupid, aggressive barbarians. The home of Arabs is from Makkah to Masqat only, the rest of the Peninsula is not Arabia. Arabs are actually kin and part of the peoples of Punt Lands, who are mainly west of the Red Sea

It is never possible to claim that there are Arabs anywhere in Africa; while the Arabs had been under the occupation of East and West Asian gangs since 1500 BC, since the Hyksos who turned to Hebrews then Jews

The gangs of East and West Asia are namely the Turkic Mongolian Akkadians and nomadic Amorite, formed together the groups of Bedouins, Hyksos, Hebrews, Arameans, Kassite, Persians, Babylonians, Jews, Turks, Romans, and Sabaeans. Bedouins are not Arabs at all, who are on the western and southern coasts only

These gangs were also the ones who made the occupation of Spain and Portugal, and before it created the Vatican, Catholicism, the Crusades and the sects in the messages of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad.

All Asiatic gangs are against patriotism and patriots in all countries, and they are advocates of occupation, conquest, and imperialist fake religions and fake ideologies and immoralities. They are the ones who claim that the Arabs invaded and occupied North and West and East Africa, Spain and Portugal.

They are the owners of globalization projects, the occupation of the Americas, communism, capitalism, liberalism and atheism. All of them were made to fight against patriots and divine messages

Therefore, Europe is not one coherent camp, nor America is one camp. Rather, there is one leftist camp promotes and defends gangs of East and West Asia. On the other hand there are European patriots who advocate defending freedoms, moralities, national interests and true history

It suffices to know that Spain and Portugal went bankrupt after the conquest and occupation of the Americas, while Italy and the Ottomans, both Turkic Mongolian, became immensely rich from conquest, occupation and crimes. Transatlantic slavery, mass murders and organized crimes are still their tools

The invasion, occupation and colonization of Spain and Portugal are the crimes of East and West Asian gangs together with mercenaries from North Africa. These crimes were not acts of the honorable Arabs who were under their occupation. Arabs or the Religion have nothing to do with any crime. Stop falsification and abuse of history, the Religion, Arabs and Europeans


Comments on: "May God Curse the Andalusians and Glorify Arabs, Europeans and Religion" (6)

  1. Erik Piculell said:

    // May God Curse the Andalusians and Glorify Arabs, Europeans and Religion.//

    That statement requires that the God you mentioned exist.
    Unless one is a devout Jew, one does not know for sure the origin of Judaism today, but one does know that some essential parts of the Torah have their origin in the religion of the city-state of Ugarit:

    You also know:
    The Jewish Elohim YHWH (Elohim is the plural form of El) due to the wording in Gen 1:26 (El, means god in transliterated Hebrew)) The word “El” is today thought to be from the Ugaritic main god named El, who by his side had the god Baal.
    The Torah was first written down in the 9th century BC, which is why there are a lot of errors in the same Torah.
    _ _ _
    Christians worshiped from about AD 50, and all the way up to about 300, both Elohim YHWH and Elohim Jesus, from about the year 300, mostly worshiped the Triune God.
    _ _ _
    Before Islam was established, there were many Christian Arabs who worshiped Allah.
    The oldest known inscription in which Allah is mentioned is Christian.

  2. The Chinese Communist Party CCP is Repetition of the Mongol Empire
    East and West Asian bandits screwed up Europe since the Huns and created Romans in 753 BC. And all European rulers, Vatican and banksters are East Asiatic Romans and not Europeans.
    Learn the history of Troy and Anatolia since 1450 BC, and the Late Bronze Age Collapse in 1177 BC to know that slavery, piracy, organized crime, and terrorism all have their roots in East Asian invading bandits.
    Turkic Mongolian Manchurian bandits also invaded and colonized the world by the Mongol Empire (1206–1368 AD), then they invaded and colonized Spain and Portugal in 711 till 1492 AD. They formed the Abbasids, the Mamluks and the Ottomans.
    The present Judaism, Christianity and Islam are their twisting for the heavenly messages of Moses, Jesus and Muhammad
    These Turkic Mongolian Manchurian bandits are the same one who colonize the Chinese peoples’ now under the Chinese Communist Party, since 1949 following the defeat of patriots in Europe and China.

  3. Hi Tarig what do you make of this?

    • Seems like you’ve already covered that extensively on your web. My bad. Too many historical forgeries causing confusions within confusions. Too many White / Black / Other nationalists all want to force their own belief onto others

    • I am doing my best to convince some authority in Egypt to establish a full new research and media center to be called Kmt Geographic Media similar to National Geographic

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