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Attacks from Amorite Hebrew Syrians together with some Berber severely damaged Europe from the South since 750 BC and escalated by Turkic Mongolians attacks from the East since 750 AD

The first Rome was a miserable, very backward small village that appeared in 753 BC by a small pirate gang of Amorite Syrian Hebrews invaded Italy, and with some Berbers, coming from Carthage through Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia. Turkic Mongols made the Ashkenazim who formed the Vikings and Europe rulers

The fall of the entire Mediterranean and its widespread consequences began following the expulsion of the Hyksos from Kmt (Ancient Egypt) in 1523 BC. The Hyksos and before them the Akkadians were partnership between Bedouin Amorites bands on foot and nomadic Turkic Mongolian gangs on horses.

Amorite bands composed 90% of the Akkadians and the Hyksos. They kept relentlessly invading the wealthy and civilized nations of Sumer, Ebla, Ugarit, Kmt and the Arabs in Dilmun, Magan and Meluhha and looting trade routes in the Levant and Arabia connecting theses nations since 3500 BC.

Turkic Mongolian gangs on horses constituted 10% of the Akkadians and the Hyksos. Before expanding westward and raiding Iran and Sumer and meeting Amorites, Turkic Mongolian gangs were adamantly ambushing and looting the wealthy and civilized nations of Han and Scythia in East Asia since 3500 BC.

Sumer expelled the Akkadians who colonized it (2334 – 2154 BC). The Amorite-Turkic Akkadians fled west to the Levant and their raids on trade routes became stronger with the new Turkic usage of horses. The Akkadians also learned from Sumer the wheel and chariots. They used horses in chariots instead of bulls or donkeys for war. Using the new weapon the Akkadians colonized north Kmt (1670 – 1523 BC).

Kmt called the Akkadians “Hyksos” and their Turkic rulers “Pharaohs”. Most of the expelled Hyksos fled east to the Levant but considerable number of Hyksos became stranded in North Africa around Carthage. The expelled and the stranded two parts of the Hyksos kept trying to reconnect to work together.

The expelled Hyksos branched into four gangs. 1. Hebrews against Ugarit (the entire Eastern coast of the Mediterranean); 2. Mitanni against Ebla (Syria); 3. Kassites against Sumer (Iraq); and 4. Mukarribs against the Arabs in all Arabia. In 600 BC, those gangs turned into 1. Hebrew Jews; 2. Kurds; 3. Babylonians; and 4. Sabaeans. The Hyksos renamed gangs after they defeated Kmt and Assyria in the Battle of Carchemish 

In 1450 BC, the Hebrews and the Mitanni made an agreement with Thutmose III and they raided and colonized Ugarit and Ebla. Phoenicia was the Hebrews’ new colony in Ugarit. Hebrews used the unique expertise and knowledge of Ugarit in shipbuilding, geography, sailing, and trading to create and own piracy fleets to raid the Mediterranean, create colonies and reconnect with the stranded Hyksos in Carthage who were looting North and West Africa.

By 1200 BC, Amorite Hebrew piracy gave them unchallenged control over all the Mediterranean islands and coasts. Amorite Hebrew pirates attacked and weakened North Africans and Southern Europeans and most of them fled inlands. Hebrews kept following and attacking the fleeing Europeans. These attacks resulted in Troy Wars, the Late Bronze Age Great Collapse in 1177 BC and the Sea Pirates/ People.

In 800 BC, Amorite Hebrew pirates moved into Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia to prepare to invade Italy and create a base in southern Europe facing Carthage in North Africa. In 753 BC, Amorite Hebrew pirates with African and European slaves and mercenaries created a miserable, backward small village calling it Rome. From this village the Roman Empire and Age came without history or civilization


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