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  1. @Jamahiryah Worrior
    This is my answer for your comment to me at:
    I couldn’t elaborate on my personal convictions and beliefs there because they are irrelevant to the post. Your comment stated the following:
    “I am a NON-ethnic nationalist; Africanist (but NOT Pan-Africanist); federalist; Humanist; and I believe that all universal religions are corrupt. I believe in local faiths only.”
    I don’t understand what this means.
    Federalists are imperialists by another name. People promoting the US constitution were federalists and against the people.
    Local faiths would contradict secular humanism so what local faiths are acceptable? How can this promote tollerance and unity?
    Why are you against Pan-Africanism?
    It sounds like the vision of the United States of Africa is not your vision which leads me to ask where you stand in relation to Muammar Gaddafi?
    What is this “New modern Sudan” that is “far more important”? How many were genocided to create this new Sudan? How can that be acceptable?
    “My main project for some time is the design of new form of national democracy and system of governance, which I call it “Three Dimensional Democracy”. (XYZ democracy).”
    This is imperialist fake democracy. Have you ever read The Green Book?
    This has nothing to do with the People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.
    Why not support that instead of promoting an imperialist lie?
    Sudan is in enough trouble. Only direct democracy can toss out the imperialist puppets, reunite the country and stop the genocide and the exploitation of its oil.
    I do not see an alternate viable solution for any nation except direct democracy. That is the way forward. Everything else leads us into the pit.
    This is all disturbing because it sounds exactly like the Benghazi monarchist propaganda promoted by the House of Shame (Saud), Israel’s snake Bernard Henry Levy and America’s Murder Inc. Look at the “new Libya”. This is where these ideas lead, into the very pit of hell.]

    My answers are:
    Nationalism is a political ideology that involves a strong identification of a group of individuals with a political entity defined in national terms, i.e. a nation.
    Non-ethnic nationalism:
    The identification of nation is based on the mind; the heart and the interests but not on ethnic, racial, or tribal basis. Nationality and nationalism is acquired and not inherited; it is dynamic and not static; it is individual choice and not a group right; this means you have to prove you allegiance every day whatever your origin is. Once you keep sharing your heart; mind; and interests with any indigenous group then you are entitled to nationality and you may politically be a nationalist.
    Governments are public servants only and they have delegation of authorities from the people; and governments and peoples own nothing in this God created universe; but only indigenous people are the custodians of their territory. Based on this definition, governments must not give nationality to anybody by birth, residence, marriage, or anyway else. It is only the indigenous institutions have the right to instruct the public servants to issue documents upon current and accepted allegiances.
    Colonial Nationalism:
    My biggest problem with the Green Book and also with all states of the so-called New World, like the USA and all similar states, is the atrocities committed against the indigenous people and their issues; and also concerning the non-integration of invaders, colonizers, and immigrants into the fabric of the old states. No people can talk about human rights, justice, and other values if they are enjoying bloody loots.
    I strongly believe that all North Africa belongs to Africa and not to the Middle East, the Mediterranean, and the so-called Arab World. North Africa must be returned to Africa. The atrocities committed by the militias of the NTC in Libya against Africa brought into the surface the deeply imbedded wrong orientation of the inhabitants of coastal Libya.
    After a long time of being Nasserist Pan-Arabist, Colonel Gaddafi started the beginning of course correction. He apologized for Arab involvement in slavery and supported African development and institutions. Greater actions were and are still needed in this direction including among many policies the following: recognition of native languages; purging the education system and the media; political and economic empowerment of indigenous Libyans; affirmative actions; and the assimilation of Arab tribes’ members.
    The history of Federalism, as well as Democracy, is dirty but this is not the system. Correct Federalism is the unity of the welling. The amount of delegation of sovereignty is based on a negotiable constitution. The USA, Russia, India, Nigeria, and Sudan are very bad examples of totalitarianism disguised in Federalism. Very loose federation might be considered as a confederation. All depends on the negotiated constitution. The point is to reach a good balanced contract between strength in unity and freedom in sovereignty.
    About faith and religions please read on this blog “Religions Against Faith” and more interestingly “The Swadishi Movement” pages.
    I am not Pan-Africanism but I am not against it. I am only against modern liberal democracy and against globalization. In my personal opinion, Pan-Africanism doesn’t offer enough sovereignty to states and it is too ahead of time, Africans cannot just leap from deformed colonial inheritance to a United State of Africa which must be far advanced and healthier than the infamous US model. The Vision of Muammar Gaddafi is not sacred or ideal to me. Look at it this way, if each state must establish a stable system and national solidarity then moves to African economic union. Only after these prerequisites we can work on an African federation, confederation, or total unity; otherwise it is unrealistic. Imagine that after establishing US of Africa something like what is happening in Bahrain occurred; shall we act like the Arab GSC and suppress our fellow Africans. My suggestion is the bottom up approach not the other way around.
    “New Modern Sudan” is Sudan with real democracy; national unity; and true just federal system. This requires Truth; Reconciliation; and Affirmation Actions in the form of positive discrimination to level the field. It is far more important than African Unity because if my brother and I were fighting we cannot preach or assist our neighbors in peace.
    Your comments have obvious cynical tone; it would have been better if you stated or hinted few shared agreements. But I still welcome any chance to elaborate my opinions for all readers. Genuine and objective dialogue and debate are completely acceptable.
    Please don’t call names, at least on my face, that “This is imperialist fake democracy” I can also call your opinions imperialist, fake, and rubbish. Watch out for your words!
    Let me inform you that an article I wrote on my blog was posted by the editor of Libya 360 and I welcomed and thanked her. I am not pretending to be a follower or a recruit. I just share some great values with Gaddafi.
    “Why not support that (the People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya) instead of promoting an imperialist lie?” this is really childish and offending. Let me explain! There is no such thing that one-size fits all. Diversity and internal evolution are the beauty and greatest challenge in life; or as Gandhi said: “Swadeshi is that spirit in us which restricts us to the use and service of our immediate surroundings to the exclusion of the more remote. Thus, as for religion, in order to satisfy the requirements of the definition, I must restrict myself to my ancestral religion. That is, the use of my immediate religious surrounding. If I find it defective, I should serve it by purging it of its defects.
    In the domain of politics, I should make use of the indigenous institutions and serve them by curing them of their proved defects. In that of economics I should use only things that are produced by my immediate neighbors and serve those industries by making them efficient and complete where they might be found wanting.”.
    A reasonable honest person will never put a question like “Why Gaddafi didn’t support any ideology instead of promoting an imperialist lie?”
    Let us be real, even the most direct democracy is still a representative democracy at some degree. There is no way out of representation in the smallest community, let alone countries; continents; and the World. My solution is to widen representations on social; economic; and political domains separately; while strengthen peoples’ authorities and tolerate controllable partisan politics.
    The problems in Sudan are not the imperialist puppets like in Arab Gulf States but they are corruption; authoritarianism; and the inheritances of slavery and the Arab identity. What you are calling genocide was not committed by Obama’s NATO or foreigners. The victims are seeking help from any angel and any devil.
    Forgive me if some of my words are provocative but I don’t want to pretend that your comment was not inappropriate; and I want to show you how a discussion may turn into duel.
    You may answer back at “Express your opinion by leaving a comment here” box if you want it to appear on this blog; or you may e-mail me by filling the Contact Form.

  2. Alexandra wrote on November 8, 2011 at 11:11 pm at:
    [Tariq, I understand what is going on.
    I also want my reader’s posts here.
    My first question to you was to ask, “Do you identify strongly with your tribal roots? Can I clarify which tribe?”

    I have only worked with Sudan’s tribal people (Dinka and Nuer). One of my clients was a boy of 15, when Israeli, Saudi, British and American agents, working with local mercenary recruits, exterminated his entire tribe. He was the only survivor out of 4,000 people.

    Keith Harmon Snow has done an excellent job of covering the atrocities and naming the culprits. Contrary to your statement, they were murdered by foreign agents. Their death was not due to inter-tribal warfare, natural disease or famine.

    These pastoral tribes traced their history back 6,000 years.
    They are wise and well educated about the organizations, nations and the globalist agenda that led to their holocaust. If you were in contact with your tribal roots, you would have the same depth of insight and information. Western writers sound shallow and absurd by comparison.
    What happened to them was criminal and I have to challenge someone from Sudan who is comfortable with mass murder.

    I am familiar will all of your ideas, but that is not the point.
    The tribal people I worked with are experts in the areas listed below and their understanding is closely aligned with Muammar Gaddafi’s.

    -The relationship between the globalists and Islamists
    -globalists created Wahhabi terrorism to destroy Islam and justify a global state
    -Muslim Brotherhood, their origins and purpose
    -globalists are targeting Africa to plunder

    You are unable to speak from the tribal perspective. Your sense of alienation is a result of abandoning those roots. It is your right to choose this path, but not to direct others to do the same.

    The globalists want all tribal people eliminated because the very structure of their psyche is fierce and rebellious. I see this as something to be nurtured, not destroyed by “nationalism”. Right now the nationalist slogan is being promoted by Libya’s NTC as a means of de-legitimizing tribal authority and is a precursor to the further genocide of those who fail to comply.

    Where I live, programs established to assist refugees are appalling because their agenda is to annihilate all remaining vestiges of tribal identity and assimilate people into Western culture.

    While working within this system, I covertly worked against it. For example, I helped Muslims set up their own independent centers where they would be treated with the utmost respect. I referred tribal people from Africa to places where I knew they would find others from their tribe and could continue their healing in a community that honored them.

    So it seems you and I are coming from divergent perspectives that are irreconcilable.]

    My answer to Alexandra is:
    I agree that it seems you and I are coming from divergent perspectives that are irreconcilable.

    What I said and I will continue saying on my blog are enough for those who want genuine dialogue and sincere understanding. Otherwise it is pointless to lay charges; twist the facts; and to dodge from realities.

    Truth and reason will prevail and Africa will get back all North Africa, sooner or later, despite of the loud Arab and Western propaganda, wars, and machinations.

  3. VICTORIA laidlaw said:

    • Thank you for the link. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man is a very powerful insight, and shows the deep flaws that need to corrected in the world.

  4. Daleel Mohamed Daleel said:

    Thank you sir, really i am interesting to know more about Fulani tribe from your erserches

    • Thank you. I do not consider the Fulani a tribe. I believe the Fulani is an old heterogeneous mixture composed by Hyksos Amorites and Turkic Mongolians with Berber and this group is the pale Fulani who collected individuals from west African tribes from a very wide region since 1500 BC, then did it again in 1500 AD after their expulsion from the Iberian peninsula.
      Therefore, the Fulani have no specific origin or particular genetics or certain history. It seems they are more like the cowboys

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