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A 124 papers on Academia edu mention Tarig Anter. However, I do not follow any known academic methodology, and I completely oppose it. They produced allegations and lies; and they published in all so-called references and sources in many issues that are definitely wrong. For example, saying that King Menes united two countries, or claim that the Muhammadan Message is called Islam; or that Aelia Capitolina is called Jerusalem, or that the first Jews are from the Children of Israel, or that peoples and tribes emigrate in mass, or the theory of evolution and development, or religious creation, and many more

I have used the Academia website for two years mainly as a storage drive for my short opinion articles, and I make sure that one article does not exceed 700 words or a single page. I do not write them carefully, nor with any prevailing methodology and without references. In addition, I do not fill in the required fields such as tags and fields, and in the subject because it is mandatory, write the History only

The neglect and confusion of the academic community on very important issues have no justification or reason. Rather, they are considered a clear condemnation and evidence of the failure of their approach followed in history researches.

For example, the civilizations of Dilmun, Magan, and Malluha, as well as the origin of the Hyksos and Akkadians, the history of the establishment of Phoenicia, Canaan, Carthage and Numidia, the emergence of Palestine, the language of the Torah of Moses, the history of the Hebrew language, the relationship of the Ge’ez language with Arabic, the formation and history of the Lands of Punt, the history of single hump camel and horse domestication and its relationship to the history of the region and divine messages

For example, no one in the academic field says or discusses the following of its truthfulness and importance:

It is now clear to me that the state of the Ugarit civilization on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean and with what is known today as Lebanon as its center was looted and devastated by an alliance between Thutmose III (1458-1425 BC) with the Hebrew who branched from the Hyksos who were expelled by King Ahmose I in 1523 BC

Thutmose III arranged an alliance with the Hebrews and invaded the center of the state of Ugarit only six months after the death of Queen Hatshepsut, who was patriotic and against the Hebrews and the rest of the expelled Hyksos

The Battle of Megiddo took place in 1457 BC, and Thutmose III forces with the Hebrews of the Hyksos defeated the Kings of Ugarit and overthrew them.

He plundered the cedar trees and handed over the defeated Ugarit to the Hebrews to make a colony called Phoenicia to undertake the supply of cedar wood to Thutmose III on a regular basis.

Phoenicia became the springboard for the Hebrews to launch piracy all over the Mediterranean. Hebrews used it to create Carthage colony and its colonies.

Then the Hebrews brought groups from the Mediterranean coasts to displace the people of southern Ugarit in what was their colony they called Canaan. The Hebrews called the foreign settlers they brought Palestinians.

Thutmose III was the wickedest traitor in the region and he must be brought to trial on charges of high treason 3,500 years after his death


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