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King Menes, the King of Ta-Wer province (capital is Abydos), which is currently SohaJ Province, led in 3150 BC an army consisting of soldiers and civilians from 22 provinces stretching from Aswan to Giza to expel Levantine Bedouin infiltrators who used to commit crimes and hide in the swamps and bushes of the delta.

The Levantine Amorite Bedouin infiltrators have been corrupting, sabotaging and criminalizing in the Delta and North Kemet for 6000 years. Kemet repeatedly expelled them, and the Levant Amorites, who later invented the Semite myth, by twisting Sham to Sam, in 600 BC in Babylon within the process of inventing Hebrew Jews, Judaism to colonize Ugarit (Eastern coasts of the Mediterranean Sea), repeatedly returned, and inflicting all forms of harm, crime and immorality.

King Menes decided to put a final solution to the attrition, sabotage, and obscenity committed by the Bedouins of the Levant and hurt Kemet, especially in the Northern provinces near Giza. Indeed, King Menes succeeded in expelling the Levant Bedouins from the swamps and bushes of the Delta

In order to completely secure Kemet and stop the return of the Levant Bedouins to the Delta, King Menes established 20 military garrisons; each garrison led by a high officer from the Kemet army and supported by soldiers and citizens of the Kemet people

King Menes called and encouraged the citizens of the Upper Kemet provinces to move to the cleared delta, carry out reclamation, construction, and settle there to support the new military garrisons in the delta in their struggle against the infiltration of the Levant Bedouins.

Indeed, citizens and soldiers from Upper Kemet settled in the entire delta. Therefore, in the origin of all the farmers, workers and simple toiling citizens in the delta today, they are originally from Upper Kemet, and they are 100% original indigenous

In honor and tribute to the wisdom, victories and achievements of King Menes, the kings of the 22 counties of Kemet chosen him to be the King of Kings. Kemet became unified state for the first time and consisted of 22 royal provinces plus 20 new military garrisons founded by King Menes. This was never the unification of two countries, as Hyksos and traitors claim

The Bedouin Amorite and Turkic and their agents, workers and slaves, especially the Fulani, Berbers, Romans, Persians, Kurds and Sabaeans, constantly and vigorously promote until today that the citizens of the delta are the offspring of foreign occupiers from several nations and passers-by, and they weave in theories and evidence.

In addition, the wars of the Bedouins of the Levant and the Turks, which together are the Hyksos, Hebrews, and Zionists, did not stop at questioning the authenticity of the Delta of Kemet. Rather, the wars of the Bedouins of the Levant and the Turks included continuous infiltration, which led to the overthrow of the Kingdom of Kemet in 343 BC and the occurrence of occupation of Kemet for 2356 continuous years

In 2013, the people of Kemet began to liberate themselves and their state from the Levantine Hyksos and the Turks and their followers. However, it is very clear that the struggle to liberate Kemet from the remnants of the Hyksos is facing obstacles, difficulties and dangerous conspiracies from within Kemet and from its external sources.

The long periods of Hyksos occupation of Kemet were of many shapes, names, claims and gangs, including corrupt religious and historical allegations. In addition to questioning the origin of the people of the Delta and claiming that King Menes united two countries, we find the Hyksos using Al-Azhar, Coptic, terrorism and the media.

However, the greatest danger that threatens and destroys Upper Kemet, and all of it, comes from economic marginalization, cultural corruption and moral decay. Individuals who have power, wealth, influence in the economy, ministries, parliaments, universities, art and security carry out plans of neglect marginalization, defamation and dissolution.

The industry of poverty, high prices, discrimination, nepotism, falsification of history, theft and neglect of antiquities, deliberate exploitation of workers, farmers and tenants, resistance to land ownership and reclamation, raising media fake issues and cooperating with hostile organizations have become weapons and industries in the hands of the inland Hyksos. Political parties are infiltrated and pose serious threats.

To protect Upper and all Kemet in the eastern and western deserts and Sinai, and to secure and advance the national liberation and the renaissance of Kemet, which began in 2013, an organized, conscious and strong effort is required, supported by the presidency, the army and the people. What is required is an integrated, well-thought-out and strategic action, not short and vague words and actions

The complete liberation of Kemet from the Egyptian-Hebrew-Syrian-Turkic-Zionist project will only succeed by restoring the name of Kemet, the identity of Kemet, the history of Kemet, the heritage of Kemet, the history and truth of the One Religion and the heavenly messages of all nations, as mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. Actions are needed to stop backwardness, terrorism and looting in the name of false religions

It is not permissible, unreasonable and unacceptable for the leaders of Bahrain, the UAE and Saudi Arabia to stand by and watch the overt and covert threats and attacks that the Amorite-Turkic Hyksos are doing from within Kemet and from abroad.  The target of the Hyksos is against all the peoples and countries of the region, Africa and Europe and not they are not targeting only Kemet.

Love, trust and greetings to the people, land and army of Kemet

There is no trust in Sisi, Madbouly, his ministers, managers, businesspersons, parties, the judiciary, security and intelligence in Egypt

Due to the presence of eminent and serious threats, facing the newly born process of liberation from 2350 years of Amorite Hebrew Jewish-Turkic Khazar Zionist Hyksos colonization, and from the IMF, Kemet cannot trust or rely on other than collective leadership of its armed forces and patriotic civilians.

The present and at least for the coming two decades hold no place or role for Sisi, Madbouly, his ministers, managers, businesspersons, political parties, the judiciary, religious, security and intelligence organizations in Kemet

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