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Very often, the general public of consumers and clients of large companies in various sectors, or individuals dealing with international organizations or foreign embassies find themselves in situations that undermine them, and their rights are damaged. They would be in a position of weakness in the face of huge and influential entities and authority that do not respect the principles of fair dealing and the quality of services and products and respect for the rights of consumers, clients and individuals.

Thus, consumers, clients and individuals would be unable and desperate to seek recovery of their rights due to their preoccupation with their lives and livelihoods, as well as quality and power differences compared to large entities. Despite the availability of government services and consumer protection laws, these agencies and laws need intermediaries with know-how, experience and suitable methods of action that are more appropriate than direct dealing with the general public of consumers, clients and individuals.

Certainly, for a person to raise the matter to the competent government agency requires effort, time and know-how that is not available to the vast majority. Even if the requirements of effort, know-how and time are fulfilled, this will be relatively weak compared to large companies, international organizations and embassies who have the training, preparation and capabilities to avoid providing justice and good services and respecting or recovering the rights of consumers, clients and individuals; and compensating them for damages or troubles they may have suffered to recover their legitimate rights.

The quality of services, products and dealings in all sectors and the standards of all markets and various services and goods depends mainly on the performance of large companies and entities. Reporting an issue to customer care at a defaulting party, if available, is never efficient. Customer services would not be consider damages done to consumers, clients and individuals. The answer of those who caused damage in the best possible way is only (Well, it will not happen again!), and this is unfair and irresponsible.

Therefore, I suggest here the establishment of Consumers, Clients and Individuals Rights NGO (CCIRO) as a first organization to work in this field. Its sole objective, means of action and spread are to accept complaints from consumers, clients and individuals; to contact the competent authorities and those who caused them; and to provide consumers, clients and individuals public awareness of their legitimate rights; and to represent those affected by large companies, international organizations and foreign embassies.

Consumers, Clients and Individuals Rights NGO (CCIRO) (in Arabic Hukoki (my rights)) and similar organizations will provide services by a specialized team consisting of legal, media and administrative personnel in cooperation with the existing government administrative, legal, media and private agencies. Complaints would bear the known official government fees and simple necessary low costs.

The project to establish CCIRO requires the formation of a core of founders of not less than 9 individuals, consisting of 3 legal professionals, 3 media professionals, and 3 personalities with experience and reputation in society, and formulating work rules, regulations and various requirements for registration. The project requires formal registration, publicity, certification and licensing as a NGO from the authorities.

The licensing phase of CCIRO follows the establishment phase, which will include creating a website and a mobile phones app. The work stage will begin with advertising, introduction, promotion, establishment of membership and communication with large companies, international organizations and embassies to advocate for improvement of services and products. CCIRO logo is a square standing balanced on one of its corners. The sides represent the four partners and pillars objectives.


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