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Rome and the Romans were founded in 753 BC by the invasion from the colonies of the Hebrews in the Mediterranean. The Hebrew Phoenicians moved from their bases in the small islands of small size and sparsely populated and close to Italy as bases for piracy and conquest, and from those bases they conquered and controlled the larger islands such as Sardinia, Corsica and Sicily, and from them they invaded Italy to establish the colony of Rome in the western side of Italy near the sea. Therefore, Rome is the work of the Levant Amorites

In 395 AD, the Roman Empire was divided into Rome and with it the western colonies in exchange for the Eastern Roman Empire, i.e. the Byzantine Empire, centered in Anatolia, to which the Roman colonies located east of Italy belong.

This division was a concession due to the fear of the Hebrew Amorites of the fall of Rome itself, which is theirs, at the hands of their partners and competitors, the Turkic Mongols, who had seized the eastern colonies and their expansion increased rapidly and powerfully.

However, this concession did not save the Amorite Roman West, and it fell 80 years after it gave up the East. Nevertheless, the Amorite Western Romans held power in neighboring kingdoms and in the Vatican

The Amorite Western Romans took revenge on the Eastern Byzantine Turkic Mongolian Romans by waging Crusades in the Byzantine Turkic Mongolians in Europe and in the Ashkenazi Zionist colony in Canaan

The absurd and misleading false history describes that the Crusades were between Christian Europeans against Muslim Arabs for religious reasons. These allegations are completely false and malicious

Neither the Arabs nor the Europeans nor the peoples of the region nor the religion nor the Muhammadan message and the Jesus message were parties to these barbaric wars between the Amorite Romans of the Levant in the western colonies and the Turkic Mongolian Romans of the Byzantines in the eastern colonies.

Rather, the Arabs, Europeans, religion, the Muhammadan message, the Jesus message, and the peoples of the region were all victims of the Crusades.

The Turkic Mongolian Khazars, Western Ashkenazi Zionists Jews, continued to invade eastern, central and northern Europe with great force. As a result of the conquest of Scandinavia by the Khazars, the Turkic Mongolian Khazars, Western Ashkenazi Zionists Jews set up gangs of the Vikings.

The Vikings managed to occupy Britain, France, Portugal and the Netherlands, and set up foreign Zionist royal families. This dangerous and large expansion threatened the Hebrew Amorite Romans in Italy, and reduced their influence and spread in Europe.

Previously, in 740 AD, the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids, in cooperation with the Turkic Mongolian Khazars, in the North Caucasus, invented the Ashkenazi-Zionist Western Jews with the aim of destroying the Hebrew Amorite Umayyads and seizing the colony of Canaan from the hands of the first Jews, Hebrew Amorites, and disperse them.

And the displacing of the Amorites from Canaan, then the expansion in eastern Roman, in addition to the Viking campaigns and the seizure of Western Europe. These three reasons are precisely the secret of the Crusades starting in 1096, which targeted European land with cruelty and bloodshed equivalent to several times what the Hebrews Amorite Roman Crusaders did to take the colony of Canaan, which they lost to the Turkic Mongolian Abbasids and the Khazars Western Ashkenazi Zionists Jews in 740 AD who settled there.

The Crusades, simply and clearly, were because the Turkic Mongols had expelled the Amorites from Canaan, then from eastern Roman, and then took over Western Europe, so the Amorites decided to take revenge and stop the domination of their Turkic partners.

The Crusades, conflict and competition between the Western Roman Empire with the Eastern Byzantine Roman Empire is just like the Takfiri wars, conflict and competition between the Amorite regimes and groups that are currently in Syria versus the Turkic Mongolian Ashkenazi Zionist entity and inside Syria as well. However, the Ashkenazi Zionist entity is more cosmopolitan, richer and stronger than the previous Amorite Hebrew entity

History repeats itself, and the Hyksos, with their Amorite and Turkic Mongolian components, are still very active and destructive, but unfortunately, no one pays attention to the serious dangers because everyone depends on his knowledge in history on bad books, references, historians and researchers. The least they could be describe is ignorance, but the majority of them deliberately treason and disregard. Once again, perhaps one of the leaders of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the Emirates and Bahrain will hear the call. I repeat the necessity of establishing a strong international institution that is Kmt Geographical Research and Media


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