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Nigeria's Boko Haram Could Be a Western-backed Insurgency

Nigeria's Boko Haram Could Be a Western-backed Insurgency

For sure there are channels of covert western military and intelligence support for Boko Haram of the same sort that were served to the Libyan Islamist rebels NTC through Gulf Arab states. The objectives of the West are three-folds:

1- To divert and suppress  the public growing hostilities and legitimate demands against western oil companies and their influences (which surprisingly Boko Haram is mute about them!! and no attacks reported against western interests and individual casualties. Those killed in August 2011 bomb attack on the UN House in Abuja were not; 11 were UN personnel almost all of them Africans, and 12 non-UN persons ).

2- To hold the Nigerian Government and corrupt wealthy clique hostages to internal insecurities and conflicts and hence weakening their bargaining position; and advance the need for the rejected U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM).

3- To create a parallel invisible violent local hands to act as their armed agents for subversion and coercion and change as an alternative to western military base.

Most probably Nigeria is actually confronted by an “Unconventional” warfare with the West; which is in the form of insurgency of particular ethnic group in the north together with perverts from other regions seeking oil money and power.

The U.S. Special Forces Unconventional Warfare Training Circulars explain this policy quite clearly. They are being applied in north and west Africa and in Syria, Gaza, Iraq and Yemen.

Without western companies of oil, minerals, import of goods and export of cash crops (cocoa, groundnuts, rubber, palm oil and other lucrative commodities) there shall be no Boko Haram, no civil wars, and no coups in Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Guinea, D.R. Congo, Senegal, Ghana or any other country.

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  1. Spot on. Create a Problem, cause a reaction, then provide the solution.

    US commandos to storm Nigeria in June

    • symon; Thank you very much for your comment and the link. The article of is very interesting. Please remain following this matter and let readers know.
      A very excellent blogger “Crossed Crocodiles” provided a link to a book review that may interest you. xcroc said in his comment: “The US Ambassador to Nigeria under Bush has written a book, Nigeria: Dancing On the Brink. Campbell was the one who predicted that Nigeria would break apart by 2015. He was also one of the US ambassadors who particularly enthusiastically embraced the move to make US diplomacy and US militarism part of the same mechanism.
      I am particularly worried about the US playing/paying both sides in the Boko Haram issue. President Obama seems to prefer using the Special Operations Command as there is practically no accountability. I am concerned about the US blundering around heavily armed with very little understanding of what is going on, uniformed bullies spreading terror and disinformation. Nigeria is a particularly complex and fascinating country.
      you might be interested in this review by Professor Iyorwuese Hagher, Nigeria’s High Commissioner to Canada.

      Campbell appears to think he would be better able to pick a government for Nigeria than Nigerians, and is an excellent example of the arrogance of US foreign policy. The review covers a lot of ground and includes:

      John Campbell, like Ikato in Tiv folktale coming across the rich storehouse of facts consumed more than he could analytically chew. The end result is a rehash of expressions like Nigeria is a mere geographical expression; Nigeria Is bifurcated between the North which is Muslim and South which is Christian, and that colonial rule lasted only fifty years so don’t blame the British for your problems. He goes on to inflame passions: Nigerians hate Igbo and hate Yorubas especially a Yoruba businessman to be President. These are constipated facts, all too often told to the world about Nigeria, and exaggerations that bear no relevance to any present reality.

      Ambassador Campbell jumps to wrong conclusions after feeding fat on his treasure trove of facts …
      What Ambassador Campbell needs to tell his Nigerian readers and about which his book is silent, is how much his book is influenced by the American Oil Companies for which he worked to advance their fortune as Ambassador. Let him tell Nigerians how much, American Oil Companies have contributed to Nigeria’s corruption. Let him exonerate former Vice President Dick Cheney and Halliburton, even as he sees the EFCC as incompetent. Can Campbell explain the role of the World Bank and IMF in destroying the middle class in Nigeria when he functioned as ‘Political Affairs Counsellor’ in Nigeria during the IBB days? Does Campbell challenge Wikileaks exposure of the clandestine role of the oil companies in infiltrating the Nigerian Government? Is this done through bribery or through espionage? ”
      I posted another article here titled by your words “U.S. Creates a Problem, Causes a Reaction, then Provides the Solution” with the help of the link you provided. Thank you.

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