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This video is a Turkic production, it covers from 450 BC but their savage history began reaching the world from 1500 BC. This missing period of raiding bands forced China to build the Great Wall, and in the West they enslaved Eastern European nations and created the Slavs.

If you check the presidential seal of Turkey you will notice 16 stars proudly representing 16 Turkic empires, of course these do not include Persia, Ancient Israel, and Neo-Babylonia.

Any private heated discussion with Turks will reveal and make them brag that they enslaved, bastard, and colonized European, Africans, and Asians.

Read the following example here:

[You fucking inferior slave who working under one boss master for 1500 euro per month cant even buy luxury car with inferiority complex, you fucken slave we enslaved u english welsh scottish irish as galley slaves and vassalized your kings and forced them to pay tribute and destroyed both roman empires in 1453 and in 476(turkish huns and their germanic vassals) who are u fucken little slave? in 1580 queen elizabet for help her against spanish she accepted ottoman suzerainty and we ……] the full article is at

A Turk Bragging That Europeans & World were Turkic Slaves

Comments on: "Why Such Futile Jewish Destruction of the World?" (1)

  1. The archaeologists studying the Great Wall have found remnants in places of an earlier wall inside the current wall. The Chinese must have built barriers and fortifications along their northern frontier earlier than we in the West had previously thought. The threat from the “barbarians” was indeed an old and persistent one.

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