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FILE PHOTO: Sudanese demonstrators run from teargas lobbed to disperse them as they march along the street during anti-government protests in Khartoum, Sudan December 25, 2018. REUTERS/Mohamed Nureldin Abdallah/File Photo

I wish Zimbabwean and South African peace keeping forces could be deployed immediately in Khartoum with urgent authorization from any organization to stop foreign militias attacking civilians; and arrange for transitional government organized by elected judiciary.

Please forward this humanitarian request to your government quickly.

Sudan is facing Invasion under a Veil of Uprising

The problem is not a political crisis but it is the decision of invasion by unlawful militias and mercenaries from foreign origins and their slaves and collaborates ruling Sudan since 1820 and now they are revealing their faces and taking it all. This is the second Mahdist invasion of 1881 and it will be followed by famine.

The only solution for the situation in Sudan is to hand over power to an elected Judiciary body. The election of the judiciary and the handing over of the transitional authority to the elected judiciary is the only beginning of a truly democratic transition and a proper exit from bloody escalation.

This has been proposed for a long time before the massacre of the sit-in and still exists as the best undisputed solution.

The other alternative is the military confrontations between the armed rebel factions against the Rapid Support Forces (Janjaweed) in Khartoum; and a civil war with a failure of the agricultural season and production and entering famine like that of Mahdiyya of 1884.

Comments on: "Save the People in Sudan" (11)

  1. Without seperating ethnic groups, mixed phenotypes, you will fail forever.

    In Europe, Africa, Middle East and elsewhere.

    Israelites to Israelites, Thracians to Thracians. Thessalians to Thessalians.
    Ethnic Assyrians to ethnic Assyrians. If it is possible. Joining those groups, who
    belonged/belong (ethnical) together.

    Own country, or own territory. So they are not in danger to be killed or raped.
    They could save themselves.

    So you have to reconstruct ancient tribes after a long reign of imperial powers.
    Saving phenotypes, that survived.

    If you won’t do that, some minorities will be destroyed by majorities.
    Today or in later times.

    Rescuing minorities, bring them to their origin and bring them together.

    Arabs to Arabs. Indigenes together, mixed together. To many differences between them and their origin. Chaotic situations in multi-ethnical countries. Democracy fails because of the fact that majorities will rule all laws and aims/ambitions.

    A name of a country will never create better circumstances. Brother to Brother. Sister to Sister. For every ethnic group its own place.

    Rassism will be solved. Everyone would be satisfied, I hope.

    To much biology rules human being. Difficult. Egoism is another problem.

    This is (perhaps) the only way. I have no other idea.

    Saving minorities would be the first step. Like I wrote above.

    • Correction: “separate.”

    • Sure, it is not that easy way.

      But some ethnic groups where (once) allied. Like Thracians, Illyrians, Thessalians, Assyrians, Phrygians, Armenians.

      My phenotype is mixed. Armenian, Phrygian phenotype. Maybe Assyrian.

      North-Italian phenotype. Or Syrian. Once same Empire.

      Maybe I am a typical Byzantine.

      • Nothing other than nature could change significantly any phenotype or genetic composition of any nation.
        Those theories of mass migrations are totally ridiculous and pseudoscience in my opinion.

      • The world population until 1000 A.D. was 300 Million people.

        The population of Egypt (Ptolemaic Empire, Byzantine Empire), was 12,5 Million. Later, when Napoleon came to Egypt, “he” counted 2 Million people.

        You know about the reign of Sultanates, Mamluks in Egypt, later Ottoman Empire?

        You know the Assyrian genocide, the Armenian genocide. Millions of indigene people were killed by turkish groups, or enslaved. Armenia today is not completely ethnic Armenian. Most of ethnic Assyrians and Armenians were eliminated.

        So you should read: (“Tears of Jihad”).

        Where are the Byzantine cities, the old Egyptian cities, the Assyrian cities, the Akkadian cities?. They where destroyed. 2 Million of Egypts (Napoleon). Who are the Egypts today? Turkmongolic-descendants oder mixed descendants? Just slaves?

        Genocide in the Middle East, once Assyria rules Iraq, and now? Eliminated by Turkic groups (Seyfo=Sword). and eliminated by Persian (?) Caliphates (800 A.D.).

        Who are the people in Iraq today? Where are the cities of Eridu, Unug, Lagash, Nippur, Nina. Was it an earthquake? There are just ruins left in Greece. And Egypt?

        Islamic State destroyed 95 percent of the ruins of Nimrud. In centuries before, some groups destroyed other ancient cities. An by the way: Where are the old Sumerians?
        Where are they? The starter of western civilisation? Enslaved? Who destroyed ancient Sumerian cities? Most civilizations were completely destroyed.

        There are so many lies. About genocide, about old ethnic groups.

        I can’t answer all ethnic questions. But there are differences. If we accept a lie, Assyrians will soon turned to Persians. The most of us don’t know the differences.

      • Few thousands or tens of thousands of raiders did all these, amazing but true.

      • You should know Persian phenotype.
        Same oder similar to Turkish phenotype.

        Most Armenians/Assyrians/Hellenic people
        are now mixed phenotypes.

        Descendants of slaves and slavery.
        Same in Egypt. Persian reign, Mamluks reign. Sultanates.

        Armenia was surely under attack,
        BEFORE Ottomans created their dynastie.

        Turkish “Khazars”, 650 A.D..

        But (dominating) indigene phenotypes of ancient tribes further existed.

        It is not mass-migration at all. Just centuries of Persian and Turkish reign.

        Descendants of them (slaves):
        Mixed phenotypes. Partial Hellenic, half Armenian,
        half African and Persian. You can see it (eyebrows, eyes).

        African is not African.

        You should know typical original Persian phenotype. Some of them (?) are used for Persian-Turkmongolic purposes and ambitions to kill further minorities. But do they know themselves? Persian: The same as the Hun-phenotype.

        Darker skin: Mixed Persian and other people.
        Maybe Minoan. There were kidnapped
        Greeks by Jews cenuturies ago (Crete Island). These special new Jews called Philistines
        (Greek slaves).

        Persian phenotype: Look at paintings of Dareius I.

        When I walk through my town, I can see and distinguish them (in original):

        In conclusion: A new Persian-Turkish-Mongolic conquery?

        Enemy: Western civilisation: Thracians, Africans, Israelites, Hellenic people, Illyrians,
        Phrygians, Armenians, Thessalians, Assyrians/Akkadians, e.g..

        The same conflict as in ancient times. Just with missing knowledge about ourselves.

      • Illyrians, Thracians, Thessalians, Phrygians all Hellenic nations.

    • Dear Anter,

      I thank you for your informations. You were a good help.
      I researched into Scthys, because I didn’t know who they are.

      So I found your website.

      It seems nobody wanted to help Syria. Or Yemen, or Sudanese people.
      It is a cruel show of many countries and filmers (media) in Europe.

      They worked together. Helping Syrians, e.g., now would be hypocrisy.
      They knew what happened.

      They cut movies or reports skillfully. So nobody knows what happened.

      The most people are not interested. But I am.

      Seems there are many people, who work together to give false informations about their deeds. Not only politicians. There are many other people.

      They create wrong relations to facts. Or are just not interested. Like walls.

      Germany has supported Turkish terrorists in Northern Syria.
      So I know they are no help.

      It seems no country in Europe, which could help you.
      First I thought Italia. I wrote to Lega Nord, Salvini.
      Because I thought they could help. But it seems, he is also corrupt.

      He worked with Turkmongolic countries.

      ” Since 2014, he has been a member of the Committee on International Trade and the Delegation to the ACP-EU Joint Parliamentary Assembly, as well as a deputy member of the Committee on Development and the Delegation to the EU-Kazakhstan, EU-Kyrgyzstan, EU-Uzbekistan and EU-Tajikistan Parliamentary Cooperation Committees, and for relations with Turkmenistan and Mongolia.” (

      You wrote Roman descendants were involved in
      Syrian or other turkic bloodshed, in Yemen bloodshed.

      So Byzantines were also (Eastern) Romans?
      Are they now all enemies of ancient tribes?
      What is their ambition? A massive genocide?

      But Turkic Persia was once enemy of Rome? And Turkic groups destroyed Eastern Rome Empire (Byzantine Empire)? I don’t understand the relation. Is it a genocide on ancient tribes by mighty powers? Did Byzantines plan their own destruction?

      So sorry. I had no idea: I wrote to Lega Nord (Salvini) yesterday an e-mail, an explanation about the circumstances in Syria. That was wrong. They are no help. Sorry.

      Once Syria was part of Byzantine Empire. So I thought Italians would react.

      I just see death, cruel photographies. Cruel corpses of children, sexual explotation reports. No one can compensate these deeds.

      “There is suffering, we know, what shall we do?” Chains. Chains everywhere. Just sitting and watching. It is like mafia. Killing, evil, and the good ones: Can’t react, no one follows.

      For me, it is too late in finding good souls in people. I am disappointed, you can’t imagine.

      No justice. One should act against violence, by using violence. Or we die a passive silent dead.

      I know Turkish people. Because two turkish boys nearly drowned myself (in childhood). But i was rescued in last second. I could’nt breathe. I heard them loughing and scoffing.

      They pushed me down again.
      So the only solution is violence. Winning oder not? Killing people is evil (Moses).

      These Turkic ethnics are the devil. I don’t teach them.

      They tease me. I shall love Turkic people, and they kill and rape what they want.
      Europe over. I am not retarded?

      Is human fate a evil lie? It is paradoxical.

    • I think. In Sudan they do the same as in Syria?
      Killing your minorities? There is news released (Germany).

      Syria was once excluded from the Arab League. In the Syrian war.

      The follwing text was translated by

      Africa (08.06.2019)
      After dozens of deaths in protests: African Union suspends Sudan

      After the repression of protests in Sudan, the situation there is volatile. Although the military says it will negotiate again with the opposition, doctors and opposition report further violence against civilians. The African Union is now taking action.

      After the violent suppression of the protests in Sudan, the African Union (AU) has suspended the country. With immediate effect, Sudan’s participation in all AU activities will be suspended until a civilian-led transitional government is established, the AU announced on Thursday via Twitter. This is the only way Sudan can emerge from the current crisis.

      The opposition, however, reiterated its call for protests and civil disobedience. The revolution was said to be committed to peace. Security forces violently broke up a sit-in blockade in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum on Monday, which lasted for weeks and contributed significantly to the overthrow of President Omar al-Bashir.

      There are different figures on the number of victims of the violence in recent days. According to a medical association, the number of deaths has risen to more than 100 and the number of injured to 500. According to the Sudanese state news agency SUNA, the Sudanese Ministry of Health denied the number of deaths on Thursday and said that no more than 46 people had died.

      Security forces continue to crack down on civilians in Khartoum and other cities in Sudan, the SPA reported. Some people have been killed in their homes by security forces, the medical association said. Doctors have great difficulty in treating the injured because many hospitals are either inaccessible or overcrowded and there is a shortage of doctors. In large parts of the country, the Internet and mobile networks continued to be restricted or disconnected.

      President al-Bashir, who had ruled the country with a hard hand, was overthrown by the armed forces in April after three decades in power. The coup was preceded by months of mass protests. Since then, the military and the opposition have been struggling to form a transitional government. The talks were broken off a few weeks ago because both sides could not agree on who should be in charge of the government.

      Protest rally in Berlin against the bloodbath in Sudan! The German government must immediately end cooperation with the criminal military council in Khartoum #sudanuprising#peoplespower#sudan
      – Christine Buchholz (@ch_buchholz) 6 June 2019

      After the violence on Monday, the military leadership in the country first ended negotiations with the opposition and denounced all concessions. But after massive international pressure, the Military Transitional Council agreed to resume talks. The opposition initially waved off.

      Many see the infamous Rapid Reaction Force (RSF) as responsible for the violence. The RSF are officially a unit of the armed forces, but act largely autonomously. Their chief Mohammed Hamdan Daglu (called Hemeti) is the number two in the transitional council.

      Sudan in northeastern Africa, with a population of 41 million, is one of the 25 poorest countries in the world and is experiencing a severe economic crisis, which was the main cause of the mass protests.

      (dpa/rt deutsch)

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