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In 1406 BC there was no country called Israel nor Palestine, there was only a civilized country and nation used to be called Canaan. It was invaded and colonized by Arab Yemeni Israelite, who turned to be Hebrew.

Then those Hebrew Israelite were colonized by a group called themselves Jews (Earlier Jews), who were Turkic Mongolians mixed with Asian slaves. Then those Earlier Jews brought people to serve them from Crete and other Mediterranean regions in exchange for the expelled 10 Hebrew tribes (10 Lost Tribes of Israel) and Canaanite. They called them Palestinians.

Few centuries later, Earlier Jews decided to migrate to Rome and the rest of Europe to take over Christianity and Europeans. They left behind the Palestinians who enjoyed full control until another Turkic Mongolian group called Ottomans invaded and colonized them.

The Turkic Mongolians of Earlier Jews after they succeeded in exploiting Europe, Europeans and Christianity formed the Modern Jews and became filthy rich with slavery, colonization of the Americas and Africa. They needed a higher international status of a statehood and decided to take Canaan once again from the Palestinians.

After they settled in all parts of the world, in 1860 to 1874 they created Proto-Zionism. The Zionist movement was established practical in 1881 and political Zionism in 1896. They organized to take Canaan claiming they are the heirs of Earlier Jews.

Modern Jews got the strongest support from the Turkic Mongolian Ottomans who claimed to be “Muslims”. Now amazingly Palestinians have very good relationships with Turkey, and Turkey have very good relationships with Israel!

Truth hurts and fake ancient tales cannot be called history. The Hebrew Israelite are totally different ethnic group from the Early and Modern Jews who both are Turkic Mongolians. The Hebrew Israelite were Arab Yemeni tribe and they never went to Egypt. Early Jews were Turkic Mongolians with Asians slaves; and Modern Jews are also Turkic Mongolians but changed their genetics and appearance by enslaving Europeans and Caucasians. Because they like to look like Europeans and like Caucasians, a sort of inferiority complex. And they don’t like Black or Brown people.

The Arab Yemenis and Beta Israel of Ethiopia are the closest descendants of Israelite. Israelite became Hebrew after they forged the Hebrew Bible and rejected their home in Yemen and Asir. The Hebrew lied saying they were Chosen and Canaan was Hamitic and cursed so they colonized it.

After 39 years and 11 months of stubbornly wandering the desert, Moses’ wife decides to ask for directions to the promised land,

Brief definitions of terms:
Israelite: was an Arab Yemeni tribe, took refuge in Ethiopia, not Egypt, for 430 years then were expelled in 1446 BC.
Hebrew: were the Israelite who preferred to invade and colonize Canaan in 1406 BC, they mixed with remaining Canaanite and most of both were expelled from Canaan after 530 BC.
Earlier Jews: were Turkic Mongolians mixed with their Asian Meddle Eastern slaves. They were sent to settle in Canaan by Persians in 530 BC claiming that they were the descendants of Hebrew leaders in captivity in Babylon. Earlier Jews migrated to Europe and left the Palestinians in Canaan.
Modern Jews: they are Turkic Mongolians mixed with their European and Western Asian slaves. They settled in all parts of the world, and from 1860 to 1874 they created Proto-Zionism. The Zionist movement was established practical in 1881 and political Zionism in 1896. They organized to take Canaan claiming they are the heirs of Earlier Jews.
Palestinians: are originally non-Arabs from Crete and other Mediterranean regions who were brought by the Earlier Jews in exchange for the expelled 10 Hebrew tribes (Lost Tribes) as slaves and labor to serve them after 530 BC.

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Who are the Israelite, Hebrew, Jews, and Palestinians

Comments on: "It Was Not Israel Nor Palestine It Was Canaan" (5)

  1. This “article” technically proves that the land belongs to the Jews. You tried to portray Jews as occupiers, but you did exactly the opposite 😂

  2. Jews are Turkic Mongolians and have no legitimate land in the entire region.
    My hypothesis is now updated in my recent articles. The genuine Israelite are 100% African from the lands of Punt (the Horn of Africa) and not Arabs from Yemen as thought in my earlier articles.
    The Promised Land for the House of Israel is the Afar region.

    Could the Ancient Afar people Be the Original Israelite?
    The Afar Region could be the Promised Land? And could the homeland of Abraham and Jacob (Israel) be in the Haud region east of the city of Harar of Ethiopia? I guess so.
    To find out the true Biblical stories I made a logical reconstruction called “The Punt Lands Hypothesis”. Stating that The Israelite are Africans and Jews are not Israelite at All.
    The true and original Abraham and all his descendants are actually from the land of Punt (the Horn of Africa). Therefore, the true and original Israelite, including Joseph and Judah, are 100 % Africans from Punt.
    They were Ge’ez speaking tribe. Moses received the Ten Commandants and the Torah and God spoke with him in Ge’ez in 1446 BC on the Semien Mountains, in northern Ethiopia, north east of Gondar in Amhara region. They never went to Egypt or crossed the Red Sea or saw Aram or Assyria.
    Turkic Mongolian raiders from around Altai Mountains and northern Tarim Basin of Western Mongolia, Eastern Kazakhstan, and Northern Uyghur colonized so many nations and created Achaemenes in 675 BC which turned Iran into Persia in 550 BC, and Neo-Babylonia in 626 BC.
    Turkic Mongolian Persians invited elders from the Ge’ez House of Israel in 580 BC and learned their history and the Law of Moses (original Torah). Those Persian Turkic Mongolians together with the collaborating members of the Ge’ez House of Israel invented Judaism, Hebrew, and Jews; and used them to colonize part of Aram under fake religious justifications.
    The collaborating members of the Ge’ez House of Israel became the Hebrew Israelite in contrast to the original Ge’ez African Israelite in Punt. The Hebrew Israelite are indeed the Lost Sheep of the House of Israel that Jesus (Yeshua) spoke of.
    The Jews are not Israelite at all; and the name Judah was just used deceptively to relate the Jews to the Israelite.
    The Israelite were scattered all over the world and they no longer exist as a nation or a tribe.
    Ideologically, Ethiopia poses serious threats to Israel’s and Vatican’s religious legitimacy and political existence. Bedouin Arabs who were and are supporting Eritrea against Ethiopia during and after the conflict are the other face of Israel and Turkic association.
    The State of Israel only poses friendly with Ethiopia in photos and public statements but in reality they are after Ethiopia.
    A very interesting and related article was posted at Ugandans At Heart (UAH) on Jan 20, 2015. UAH is secular, intellectual and non-aligned politically, culturally or religiously email discussion group. The article is titled “Africa Means the Land of Ephraim”

  3. There was no such a kingdom called “Canaan” in Fertile Crescent that didn’t mention in the history archives. The oldest script about the historical name of that land is the script for the Ugaritian vicar “Elie Melco” who described that place as “Maryam” (1)

    Canaanites was an offense surname which invented by Israelites to mention them as low people that wrote in Torah book(2). Canaan was just a religious language used by ancient southern Arabia.(3)
    The Canaanites moved to Levant 4000 – 5000 years ago because of the conflicts between them and the South.

    (1) “Elie Melco”, book; Pearls of Canaanites scripts”, translated by “Del Medico”
    (2) “Khaz’al al-Majidi”, “Canaanite beliefs”
    (3) Short article Torah foundation place by “Fadel al-Rubaie” published on Al-Jazeera net

    • Thanks Majed. You are right. “There was no such a kingdom called “Canaan” in Fertile Crescent that didn’t mention in the history archives.”
      Actually my above Yemeni origin of Israelite as presented in my previous Abyssinian Hypothesis proved to be wrong. I replaced it with Punt Lands Hypothesis, stating that all the prophets from Adam to Solomon, including all the Israelite, were 100% African from the lands of Punt, and not Yemen.
      This leads to the conclusion that all the clans descended from Noah were Africa from Punt, including Canaan.
      Please check my recent articles and give me your opinion. Thanks again.

      • Majed - Saudi Arabia said:

        You’re welcome sir, though that I’m not anti any nation, I just say the truth and accept it either we like it or not.
        The Canaanites they belonged to Amorite group from Amalek people in ancient of Southern Arabia where was an extent of Horn African civilizations.
        Difenetley the were African group and closer to Amazigh, Ethiopians, Egyptians, and Nubians today.

        In the Israelite manuscripts described Canaanites as “Hamites” to mention them as an African group not Semites as a Caucasoid group. (1)

        The Israelite and Arabized tribes they were Akkadian nomades belonging to Caucasoid groups from Mesopotamia, and invaded Arabia about 4500 – 5000 years ago, and fought the Arabians, the Arabized fought Amim, Geddes, and Tasm tribes in West Arabia, while Israelites fought Canaanites in south Arabia that their conflict moved to the Levant later.

        (1) “Old Testament – Book of Genesis”

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