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According to legend Rome was founded in 753 BC by Romulus and Remus, who were raised by a she-wolf

Important Update Notice on 24 July 2018: I have updated my Abyssinian Hypothesis  after discovering the that single-hump camel (The dromedary) was unknown in Arabia, Aram, Assyria, and Kemet before 950 BC, while in abundance in the land of Punt.

This led to make the following major changes:
1- The proposed origin of Israelite from being Arabic-speaking Arab Yemenis to Ge’ez-speaking African Puntite;
2- Rename the Abyssinian Hypothesis to the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis;
3- The Turkic Mongolian colonizers and rulers of Neo-Babylonia invited elders from the House of Israel to Babylonia in around 580 BC in what is called the Babylonian Exile to help the create Judaism and colonize Aramaic land in 530 BC;
4- The Hebrew Language and the Hebrew Israelite are products of admixture between Ge’ez Israelite, Turkic Mongolian Persians, and colonized Aramaic. They existed only after 530 C; and
5- The Lost Sheep of the House of Israel are those Israelite who  left the land of Punt and decided to collaborate with Turkic Mongolians to invent Judaism and colonize Aramaic lands; and turned into Hebrew Israelite.

Therefore, the Israelite Exodus of 1446 BC was only within Punt, from one region to another. The Jews are not Israelite at all; and the name Judah was just used deceptively to relate the Jews to the Israelite. The Israelite were scattered all over the world and they no longer exist as a nation or a tribe.

For more details on the Ge’ez Puntite Hypothesis read the following three articles:
1- How Persians Cooked a Cult and Called it Judaism Part 1
2- The Turkic Mongolian-African Israelite Joint-ventures
3- Jesus Pointing to “The Lost Sheep of the house of Israel” and “the Gentiles”
[End of notice]

The Romans were unnatural growth from foreign origin. They were not European or had any history. Just suddenly they came out from nowhere.

Despite old common assumptions and false claims that Jews were persecuted in the Roman Empire the facts prove the complete opposite. In reality, Jews created and ruled the Roman Empire and it was their instrument to take over Europe, the Middle East, and Mediterranean.

The history of the Jews in the Roman Empire traces the interaction of Jews and Romans during the period of the Roman Empire (27 BC – AD 476). The transformation of Turkic Mongolian practices into what is called Roman culture began long before the Christian era. Indeed, the city of Rome itself was founded by Turkic Mongolians before they invented the Jews.

Traditional stories handed down by the ancient Romans themselves explain the earliest history of their city in terms of legend and myth. The most familiar of these myths, and perhaps the most famous of all Roman myths, is the story of Romulus and Remus, the twins who were suckled by a she-wolf. This story had to be reconciled with a dual tradition, set earlier in time, the one that had the Trojan refugee Aeneas escape to Italy and found the line of Romans through his son Iulus, the namesake of the Julio-Claudian dynasty. Romulus established cavalry regiments called the Celeres (“the Swift Squadron”). The introduction of horses to Europe is a strong evidence of Turkic Mongolian influence and origin.

The rape of the Sabine Women is part of the Roman history, in which the men of unknown origin committed a mass abduction of young women from the other cities in the region. The Rape occurred in the early history of Rome, shortly after its founding by Romulus and his mostly male followers. Seeking wives in order to establish families, the Romans negotiated unsuccessfully with the Sabines, who populated the surrounding area. After fighting the Sabines agreed to unite with the Romans. Titus Tatius jointly ruled with Romulus until Tatius’s death five years later. The new Sabine residents of Rome settled on the Capitoline Hill.

Rome’s earliest history, from the time of its founding as a small tribal village, to the downfall of its kings, is the least well preserved. The Roman Kingdom (753 BC–509 BC) has no written records and the histories about it that were written during the Republic and Empire are largely based on legends. The wars and violence of the Roman Republic (509 BC–27 BC) were extensive and totally unnatural. The rise of the Roman Empire through the Middle (274–148 BC) and Late (147–30 BC) military campaigns could be attributed to Turkic Mongolian and Jewish assistance.

Jews migrated to Rome and Roman Europe from Canaan, Asia Minor, Babylon and Alexandria. They took advantage of the partition of Alexander’s Empire and the rivalries between his generals after his death in 323 BC to advance their positions and recover their lost gains.

The Roman–Seleucid War (192–188 BC), also known as the War of Antiochos or the Syrian War, was a military conflict between two coalitions led by the Roman Republic and the Seleucid Empire. The fighting took place in Greece, the Aegean Sea and Asia Minor. In Rome, Jewish communities enjoyed privileges and thrived economically, becoming a significant part of the Empire’s population (perhaps as much as ten percent).

Many Jews lived in Rome even during the late Roman period (about 150 BC). Rome was also in military and commercial relations with Jews in the Greek-speaking Levant during the second and first centuries BC, many of whom came to Rome as merchants. Julius Caesar was known as a strong ally of the Jews and Jews mourned his assassination.

The Jews in Rome were very organized and possessed many Jewish temples and works. There were a large number of Jewish communities in southern Italy during this period. For example, Sicily, Calabria and Apulia have strong Jewish influence.

It is certain that Simon Macapius sent an embassy to Rome in 139 BC to strengthen the alliance between Jews and Romans against the Hellenistic Seleucid kingdom. The ambassadors received a warm welcome from the Romans and from the strong Jewish community of Rome. After the successive Jewish riots of 66 and 132 AD, many Jews immigrated to Rome.

“oruma, orumuş” (settlement, sitting, city). This old Turkish word is related Romus. Turks use “Ören” for old ruin city.


Comments on: "Jews Created and Ruled the Roman Empire and the Roman Republic" (17)

  1. Jews are the persecutors. Of course, this fact is obscured in the false propaganda that is put forth as “history”. There is no group on this earth that is more self-centered, ego-centric and chauvinistic than these damn Jews.

  2. This might be the most insane thing ever posted. Congrats dude.

    • Seriously the emergence of male-only group of fighters and the formation of first village Rome and Romans raise many questions. Turkic Mongolians definitely subjugated and bred with almost all Latin tribes as they did with the Sabines.
      10% is too many and the aggression and breeding was extensive. Even Israelis admit today that they are much more Italian than European.

  3. The Romans were unnatural growth from foreign origin. They were not European or had any history. Just suddenly they came out from nowhere.

  4. Even the Etruscans came from far.
    I assume the Etruscans came with the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse of 1177 BC fleeing from the Turkic Mongolian raids and they were part of the Sea Peoples.
    Their origin could either be Hittite or Aegean civilizations.

  5. “oruma, orumuş” (settlement, sitting, city). This old Turkish word is related Romus. Turks use “Ören” for old ruin city.

  6. At the founding of Rome in 753 BC by Turkic Mongolian raiders who looted Eastern Europe and the Eurasian Steppe the Jews were not yet invented; and they were just another Turkic Mongolian group roaming and looting the Levant since their expulsion from Egypt, where they were called the Hyksos.
    This Turkic Mongolian Hyksos formed the Mitanni (1500-1300 BC) and later they were integrated into the newly formed colonies of Neo-Babylonia and Persia after Turkic Mongolian destruction and colonization of Assyria, Iran, and then Kemet (ancient Egypt).
    The Sabines were native population of Italy and were abducted, raped and subjugated by the ancestors of Jews during the founding of Rome and the Roman Kingdom. What happened to the Sabines by Turkic Mongolian exactly resembles what happened with the Aryan Kurds by Hyksos and Mitanni who degenerated them to slaves, foot soldiers, and concubines.
    The Mithridates were the Greek version of Kurds and Sabines.
    This not mixing up, but rather outstanding insights and revelations.

  7. Finally someone said , what I’ve been thinking for 5 years now. It’s just i think it wen’t a bit differently. The way i see it, Rome is a continuation of Greek or Hellenistic empire, which was very much influenced by the jews living there. But they were actually people that rejected their old corrupted ethno-state. So they immigrated north-west into Greece (what is today Turkey) and started to asimilate. So i actually believe they settled in Italy via Greece. The Turkic branch of jews are imo a bit different. I have a theory that when exodus happened and the Jews dispersed on all sides of the world, they went north on the territories of the Turkic tribes and they brought along with them their traditions…You can see many similarities for instance, the Khazar word for a king or a ruler is KHAN, and the word for kingdom is KHANAT. Interestingly the priestly jewish class are called COHENIM or COHEN. KAGAN is a turkic variant of the name COHEN. Also the German jewish surname KOHN or KAHN which sounds very similar to KHAN, is believed to be derived from the same priestly class name COHEN. So i think in the times when Khazar tribes converted to judaism that the Cohenim’s or the priestly class became the Khans or the kings. From there i think this turkic influence spread to mongolia, not the other way around. Today’s Turkey is an amalgam of old Greco-Alexandrian-Hebrew/Israelite genetics mixed with invading Turkic Khazar tribes that came from the Caucasus region and Khazaria which already had jewish influence in them from a long time ago. I also have some interesting theories about the genesis of Slavic people and language, and how it’s all conected to old Turko-khazar jewish slavetrade and the appearance of ashkenazi jewish culture and how it’s closely related to western slavic customs. If you’d like i’d gladly tell you about it.

    • the genesis of Slavic people and language, and how it’s all conected to old Turko-khazar jewish slavetrade and the appearance of ashkenazi jewish culture and how it’s closely related to western slavic customs.
      Is very interesting and important indeed
      Please share your work and ideas.
      Also, the genesis of Romans and Persians
      Thanks and best regards

  8. Mark Golding said:

    Interesting that Emperors exempted Jews from having to bow down to Roman gods.

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