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To understand why Ethiopia despite it richness is continuously in wars and famines it is necessary to find answers for at least 15 main questions. They show that all the Horn of Africa is devastated for too long

1- Why Isaias of Eritrea and Abiy of Ethiopia are simultaneously encircling and attacking Tigray? 2- Why Abiy Ahmed befriending Isaias? 3- Why Abiy was awarded Nobel Peace Prize? 4- And why so quickly? 5- Why Israel is interested in relations with the genocidal regime Sudan?

 6- Why the crimes and slavery of Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie) are not known or condemned internationally or even locally? 7- Why the great history and faith of the Axum Kingdom are not studied and researched and why they are unknown? 8- Why Ethiopia and Habesha are synonymous with slavery for three 3000 years? 9- Who kept attacking and enslaving Ethiopians? 10- Why the history of Punt Lands and its peoples are unknown?

11- Why after 3500 years the location of Solomon’s Temple and true Jerusalem are still unknown? 12- Why the destruction and annihilation of Axum Kingdom by gangs led by Gudit (Yodit) in 900 AD are not studied and unknown? 13- Who really visited baby Jesus and offered spiritual gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh? 14- Where is the true Israel and Jerusalem? 15- Why the fundamental difference between early and later Jews together with Hebrews to the Israelites are undiscussed and blurred?

There are more questions to be answered to understand why Abiy and Isaias are targeting the Tigray? And who really they are serving by committing this genocide and destruction?

Slavery created a widespread corrupt version Christianity, closer to Jews and foe to Axum and true Christianity. True Christians will clearly say that the early and later Jews are not Israelites. The Hebrews were not Israelites at all. They are the expelled Hyksos. And the Hyksos are bandits from East Asia with Bedouin Amorites. The Hebrews were NOT Israelites. And the Israelites never saw or lived in Egypt.

Anyone say that Israel and Jerusalem are in today’s Jew colony is either ignorant or hypocrite. Ham, Sam and all descendants of Noah and Adam are tribes in Punt Lands only including the Western and southern coasts of Arabia. This fact reveals that the Hebrews and the Jews are not Semite at all; and Anti-Semitism is actually used to fight true Semites and it is a trick used by Jews. It is against true Christianity.

The Amhara group in Ethiopia, as well as the Tigrinya and the Tigre and Jabarti groups in Eritrea and Sudan, were all from Tigray until the fall of the Kingdom of Aksum and its destruction in 900 AD by gangs from the Abbasids, Bedouins along with the Jews and Persians led by Yodit, in their pursuit of slaves, gold, resources and shipping routes.

In 1000 AD, there were no groups named Amhara, Tigrinya, Jabarti and Tigre at all. They were all ethnically Tigray. The divisions that made these groups are linked only monarchs. Each gang formed a group that belonged to them in their competition with the others in plundering resources, slavery and power. With the exception of the central part, which kept the name of Tigray and fought the gangs that formed the Amhara, Tigrinya, Tigre and Jabarti, bandits prevailed.

Attacks divided Tigray people into three divisions, and the middle section retained the name Tigray. While the western part, which is in Ethiopia, was dominated by Jews and Persians gangs who mingled and controlled monarchs and ruling class, and this is what constituted the Amhara. Whereas, the Abbasid, Turkic and Bedouin gangs mixed and controlled the monarchs and the ruling class in the eastern side of the Tigray in Eritrea and Sudan, and this is what produced the Tigrinya, Tigre and Jabarti.

Be sure that God Almighty and his angels, Christ Issa son of Mary, Muhammad bin Abdullah, and all messengers and prophets are with the Tigray people, despite human beings stand without understanding and morality

Abiy Ahmed and Isaias Afwerki have no religion. Rather, they are terrorists who serve the Jews. The leaders and wealthy people of Amhara are those who support Isaias and Abiy Ahmed against all Ethiopian and Eritrean nationalities, because since the establishment of the Solomonic Dynasty they have been partners with the Jews in plunder, slavery, occupation, forgery and exploitation of religion, history, tribal and regional strife, and their head was Tafari Makonnen (Haile Selassie)

Abiy Ahmed and his backers first assassinated Meles Zenawi; then engineered the unrest to topple Hailemariam Desalegn ; then they pushed the corrupt parliament to elect him PM; then suddenly gave Isaias part of contested Tigray land; then assassinated the Chief of Staff Se’are Mekonnen and other personalities; then went into a series of deliberate provocations against Tigray and Ethiopia. Abiy Ahmed is certainly a terrorist, criminal and traitor. And the Parliament of Ethiopia is under the Amhara elites.
This war is not about law or constitution because Tigray did not break the law or the Constitution.
This Abiy war is simply and clearly a deliberate attack and crime against humanity


Comments on: "Tigray the Bastion of True Christianity is being Attacked" (4)

  1. Be sure that God Almighty and his angels, Christ Issa son of Mary, Muhammad bin Abdullah, and all messengers and prophets are with the Tigray people, despite human beings stand without understanding and morality

  2. Dear Tarig Anter, appreciation you for your knowledgeable service, I Thanks Almighty God Igziabher for having you and your service! since knowing you while years ago, and being regular visitor of your writings, and me also Knowing the True Amhara Peoples’ Identity and being Ethiopian myself, born and raised in Addis, still there, want to disagree with you in this your article on one Major Err any Ethiopians or even ferenj/foreigner without in depth knowledge about Ethiopian peoples would not missed it: That You Have Been Erred In Exchanging Amhara Society (prev. called also Agázi, Agázian, i.e. literally meaning Free People) to Tigray which has a meaning indicating Tigre peoples coming from Tigris River of middle east to ETH as slaves during Axumite Civilization. my explanation is evident to local Ethiopian truth knowers and the Amhara n Tigres’ themselves. Moreover, Amhara, in its de facto meaning called Christians; while Tigres means the same from Tigris or Tiger thing only. But since almost all Ethiopian Tribes willfully joined Ethiopian Christianity and before it Ethiopian Faith (Ethiopianhood thru Melchizedek) as Ethiopian, Agázi, Agázian, Amhara, Christian, most tribes including Tigres has become so. Hence, But, as you well knew it this pseudo jews led by satan spreed this Nazism (extreme tribalism to the extent that every tribe revoking its humanity bound unity over Tribalism and Tribe related evil ritual connection to the devil preferred hate, forgery, banditry, over Heavenly Theocratic Kingdom of God Igziabher! To many Ethiopians of this generation the latter claim of mine is factual as well: That jewish twisted evil factional Tigres pretend to be True Ethiopians, orchestrated Identity theft over Ethiopian Amhara (Christian) society seeking to conquest all Amhara fertile lands and steal Amhara Ethiopians’ Heavenly Heritage including Axum civilisation though Agaw civilization best describe Ethiopian Amhara Society’s Advancement in Humanity and Spirituality.

    • Thank you.
      I point to my discovery that Amhara is not an ethnic group or people or tribe but rather a collaborating regime and chiefs made up by the Abbasids to loot Punt Lands. The name of the Amhara regime was extended to their victims who are mainly western Tigray plus victims from other groups.
      There was no Amhara term or language before 750 AD and for sometime after that year.

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