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The Semien Mountains of Gondar, Ethiopia, where Moses received the Torah

The Semien Mountains of Gondar, Ethiopia, where Moses received the Torah

Israelite Journeys

Israelite Journeys

My Punt Lands Hypothesis states that the Jews are not at all Israelite. Because the Jews are of Turkic Mongolian origin, just like: Hyksos, Mittani, Persians, Bedouin ʾAʿrāb, Sabaeans, Romans, Turks, Gypsies, Moors, Khazar, and others in Eastern Europe and the Eurasian Steppe.

While the Israelite were exclusively Ge’ez-speaking Africans from the Lands of Punt. The hypothesis also emphasizes that the stories of Creation, Deluge, Joseph, Exodus, Solomon, and all other biblical characters were in the Lands of Punt; and the Creation and Deluge were of local, and not global, nature. The Exodus of 1446 BC was within Punt by crossing a river only.

After receiving the Torah in Ge’ez on the Semien Mountains, Moses led the Israelite to their promised land in the Afar Triangle (the Danakil Depression) where they established Israel confederation then a united kingdom. While the original home of Abraham was near Harar city.

King Solomon ruled Israel and built Beit HaMikdash (The Temple) where he kept the Arc of the Covenant. Upon his death in 926 BC, the tribe of Judah started collusion with the Sabaeans in Yemen and Turkic Mongolians roaming in the Middle Assyrian Empire (1392-934 BC).

Due to Turkic Mongolian raids the whole of Eastern Mediterranean region suffered from the Late Bronze Age Collapse (roughly between the years of 1250-1000 BC). The period from 1200 BC to 900 BC was a dark age for the entire Near East, North Africa, Caucasus, Mediterranean and Balkan regions, with great upheavals and mass movements of people.

The Neo-Assyrian Empire (911 BC–609 BC) brought to its collapse by Turkic Mongolians allied with Judah tribe and Sabaeans. This led to the creation of Neo-Babylonian Empire (626 BC–539 BC) which ushered the rise of Judah tribe and the collapse of other tries of the Israelite.

Jews, Judaism, Hebrew language, and Rabbinic Hebrew Torah were invented during 580-530 BC by a collusion between Judah Israelite tribe and Turkic Mongolian colonizers of Neo-Babylonia and Turkic Mongolian Persians. The origin of Hebrew is Ge’ez mixed with Aramaic and Persian.

The Jews (Yehudi) are not Israelite or from anywhere in the region, they were Turkic Mongolians. The Turkic Mongolians origin is in Altai Mountains and northern Tarim Basin of Western Mongolia, Eastern Kazakhstan, and Northern Uyghur. The original Israel, Israelite, and the Law of Moses were African 100% and had nothing with Arabia or Jews or Asia.

The Persians and Neo-Babylonians were one branch of Turkic Mongolians who colonized Iran and Iraq. They imported the Israelite history and religion from the Land of Punt and cooked Judaism and invented the Jews and colonized Aramaic lands with their inventions. It is an ideology of political association for conquering nations and looting them with religious veils.

Jesus was of African Puntite origin and he was sent by the God of the Ge’ez Israelite to bring back the lost sheep of the House of Israel from colonized Aramaic lands. He was targeted and persecuted by Turkic Mongolian Persians, Jews, and Romans.

Nonsense dies naturally; that is why fake histories and religions are dying, and being replaced by sensible history and religion (without s).
Genuine Israel and Israelite versus Fake Israel and Israelite

Genuine Israel and Israelite versus Fake Israel and Israelite

The Punt Lands Hypothesis

The Punt Lands Hypothesis

Just compare these two maps to discover how much deception survived 2600 years.
My Punt-Lands Hypothesis of the interpretation of the Mosaic Torah and the history of the Children of Israel

Compare Punt-Lands Hypothesis with what the academic, religious and media institutions offer. They mention the history of the Hyksos, of whom the Jews appeared after 950 years, and affixed it to the Children of Israel who had nothing to do with the Jews. And the world believed this naive lie for 2,600 years.

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  1. What of Yemen? Does it figure into the Israelite story? Also, are you saying the true Israelites were not Afro-Arabic tribes?

    • Yemen and its original Arabs were trading partners with Punt and definitely migrations across the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb was common.
      The ancient South Arabian Scripts (Musnad) was from Ge’ez.
      Then later on Yemen appeared later as a colony for Turkic Mongolian Sabaeans and established a slavery and trading colony in Punt called D’mt in 980 BC which played a major role in the Israelite first civil war by supporting the Judah Tribe.
      Genuine Israelites were just from Punt and not from Yemen or Arabia. Adam and Noah were from Punt too. As said, he Creation and Deluge were local history and they did not relate to other regions.
      Therefore, the clans of Noah are just local tribes, but surely some of their descendants migrated and populated Yemen and Arabia only log before Jacob.

  2. Saleh Elkmeshi said:

    Click to access Shlomo-Sand-The-Invention-of-the-Jewish-People-2009.pdf

    On 10/15/18, Tarig Anter on Protect & Reinvent Democracy

  3. Thank you and God bless you

  4. Nonsense dies naturally; that is why fake histories and religions are dying, and being replaced by sensible history and religion (without s).

  5. Do you have any suggested reading material referring your hypothesis?

    • All the available materials will lead to wrong conclusions, as they did since Babylon. What I suggest is the technique and methodology of investigative revisionism using all useless and unreliable sources, references, and authors.

      • This is hard to follow. Investigative revisionism sounds like a plan, but make use of all “useless and unreliable sources . . .” ? I am guessing that by proper research and analysis of such sources, a person can get at the truth.

      • All the available materials are not sources of information but rather a combination of data and disinformation and scholars must navigate and use them very carefully and read between the lines but never cite them as sold grounds.

      • If by applying common sense we could find that Abraham never made those alleged migrations and he could never had been in Iraq or Egypt then those sources and methods are useless for 3600 years. So, how we could trust them again. Common sense and integrity are lacking in our old ways and they must be changed and these institutions not only reformed but even replaced by better accountable institutions.

      • I have total disregard for such sources and methodology. I will never reach to any reasonable decent fact relying on a pile of corrupt system. All the available materials will lead to wrong conclusions, as they did since Babylon in 580 BC. What I suggest is the technique and methodology of investigative revisionism using all useless and unreliable sources, references, and authors.

      • Yes, I disregard those sources and methods. What are the use of these materials, academic degrees, positions, and institutions if could not find the simplest old forgery and contradiction in history?

  6. The problem with many of these old sources is that the accounts they give us were in oral tradition for hundreds of years. For that reason alone, a person ought to maintain a healthy skepticism towards these old narratives. Oral tradition invites each generation to add their “spin” on things in the story as they pass it on to the next generation.

    • I treat them as possible sources of raw data and not information. I navigate carefully and read between the lines and dismiss any propaganda, ignorance, bias and spins.

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    Once again WordPress has switched the “Write” application off on my blog, therefore I won’t be able to publish articles in full, let alone write my own.Obviously somebody in the administration does not approve of certain publications and decided to cut off my freedom of speech. I apologise for any inconvenience.Courtesy to Tarig Anter I re-blog one of his articles. Stay aware….

  8. Here is a good article from a few years back found on another blog that makes good points to consider.

    Are seminal events in the Old Testament not historically accurate?

    • I am reading the same book as you mentioned and there are some pretty good references to other schloars and readings. I think considering seminal events in the Bible for accuracy is a good basis of comparison. However, not ideal for factual evidence.

    • “Backed by every reputable expert in the known world, Ezzat argues that ancient Hebrew history as we know it today is based on one colossal lie — that events described as happening in Egypt, if they happened at all, really happened in Arabia. Which means that according to his version, the tales of Joseph, Moses and the Exodus might still be true, but the location in which they are alleged to have happened are false.”
      “Ezzat’s contention, backed by solid empirical scholarship, is that the events of the Old Testament occurred in southwestern Arabia, in a province called Mizraim, or Misr, a location now near modern day Yemen, which is where he says the tribe of Israel was really born.”
      Agree, but it certainly happened, and it ws in Punt not Arabia.
      Another big mistake is nobody differentiates between two totally different groups: Israelite and Jews
      Israel and Jerusalem were in Afar region, not Arabia

      • “Another big mistake is nobody differentiates between two totally different groups: Israelite and Jews”

        Tarig, you are quite correct. Israelites and Jews are totally different groups. The Jews have fooled the peoples of the world into believing they are one and the same people. It is not so. And, sadly, those terrible, misguided, non-thinking Christian Zionists nearly worship these damnable Jews.

      • Not only Jews but also Romans and defeated and confused Europeans.

  9. Is there a possibility that ancient Yemen and Punt shared a common land space? Through wars initiated by Arabic tribes, the commonality was broken through the domination of Arabic tongue and cultures. There is some common phonetic sounds and language they share. From readings, Yemen, and the area researchers claim as the former land of Punt would be on the Arabian Penisula. Also, what of Aden (Eden) that is located in that region? I am trying to logically place this together. Thank you

    • Yes, in ancient there was a land linking the two.
      Arabs were not violent but only after the invasion of Turkic Mongolian bandits and defeating Arabs a new group called ‘A’rab then Sabaeans claimed that Arabs are extinct and the new group called themselves Arabs.
      Trade and migration was common between the two and when the Puntite invaded Yemen they were trying to protect their brethren.
      While the Sabaean invasions were for slaves and looting.

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    An interesting take on Israel.. these people are not who they say they are.

  11. Hi. I’d like to recommend the following website: The researcher has gone into some really great depth with genetics and genealogy. I think you and other readers might find it useful 🙂

  12. Hello.

    My name is Onesmus Kyanui

    Am a Kenyan Bantu and I have been seeking to know if I may be an isralites.

    Please help.


    • Hello Onesmus
      In my opinion, belonging to any nation is not racial, inherited, nor permanent. It acquired by sincere mind, heart, and interests.
      But if you would like to find out your racial origin you must wait until the practice of genetic testing and history become more reliable, scientific and honest.

      Now, genetic testing and history are corrupt, full of nonsense, and biased.

      Historically, according to my Punt Lands hypothesis, originated and lived in Somali Ethiopia, Gondar and Tigray regions, and the Afar Triangle. But, some of the original Israelites migrated to neighboring regions, mainly: Sudan and Yemen, with fewer numbers into Iraq and Aram (Levant).

      There is some possibility that few Israelites migrated or were displaced to other parts of Africa. But it must be noted that after the invention of Jews in 580 BC the identity of Israelites became blurred and confused with the Asiatic Jews.
      Thanks for reading and asking. Regards.

  13. the funny issue about those who call themselves Muslims today is they don’t know the definitions and the relationship between the real Islam and the teachings of all messengers. They claim that there are a number of religions.

    But God is one and the religion is one with unlimited number of codes, one for each nation in its own language. The One Religion is universal, but each code is local and once it trespasses others land it violates The One Religion.

    They don’t even know the place and time of Islam.
    They are following the Turkic-Mongolians not Mohamed.

    Those who follow any messenger are called believers, while the total sum of believers following any messenger since the beginning of time and in any place in the universe, including Earth, are called Muslims in Arabic and other names in other languages.
    So Islam is not specific to Mohamed as the Turkic-Mongolian corruption claims.

  14. The Jews are fake Israelites who came from Central Asia and they are white unrelated to Abraham and Moses.

    While the Israelites are the descendants of Abraham and Moses and God sent them the Torah. They are brown Africans from Punt (the Horn of Africa).
    The Jews stole the identity, history and the book of the Israelites and corrupted them in Babylon in 580 BC

  15. The Palestinians are foreign settlers of two different origins. the first were refugees from Anatolia who came with the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse in 1177 BC and settled in the West Bank. The second were slaves brought by the Turkic-Mongolian Jews from Crete and other Mediterranean regions after 530 BC and were placed in Gaza.

  16. The Punt Lands Hypothesis is very strong indeed, and will prove to be correct, and shall change world’s history and religious believes totally and very soon.

  17. From my own research I came to the same but different conclusion that the Land of Punt is fictitious Israel (Palestine)

    If you turn the continent of Africa upside down (reverse) all will come to light. Look at an original Moorish map

    Just as biblical Israel was situated on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, so is Eritrea located on the coastline along the Red Sea. Judah was in the south, and so was Nubia (Biblical Ethiopia=Sudan) and Egypt in the south of Modern day Ethiopia (Abyssinia) when the map is flipped. Mythical Jerusalem (Yerushalayim) was Ta.Netjeru, meaning “Land of the Gods”, another name for Punt. It was the city of Heru (Yeru-salem).

    Th Book of Psalms stated “As the mountains are round about Jerusalem,” and so does it in Ethiopia (highlands), which was dubbed “the roof of Africa”.

    The Biblical mountains of Zion or Sion, also called Hermon/Sirion/Shenir are the Semien Mountains of Ethiopia.
    Spiritual Zion (Sirion) is the Sirius star system.

    Biblical Edom like Eritrea (to Ethiopia) was sometimes apart of the nation of Israel and other times independent. Both Edom and Eritra means ‘Red’. Another name for Edom in Greek is ‘Idumea’ meaning “The land of red people”, and their are the Assai-mara (“Red People”) and Adoi-mara (“White People”). These are not “European” but the Afar people of Eritrea.
    You can even see similarities within the names ‘Idu-mea’ and ‘Adoi-mara’ to this day.
    Even dynastic Egyptians were portrayed as “Red”.

    Eritrea had been Ethiopia’s principal supplier for salt (sea-salt from Massawa) and in the Bible apart of Edom was called “Valley of Salt”.
    2 Kings 14:7. The name ‘Eritrea’ comes from the Greek language and means ‘Red Sea’ (Erythræan Sea).

    Numbers 34:1-3 “And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying, Command the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye come into the land of Canaan ( Eritrea, Ethiopia, djibouti=PUNT in the east); this is the land that shall fall unto you for an inheritance, even the land of Canaan with the coasts thereof: Then your south quarter shall be from the wilderness of Zin along by the coast of Edom (Eritrea), and your south border shall be the outmost coast of the salt sea eastward (Red Sea)”.

    However, this does not prove that the characters in the bible existed. All this has proven is that the story came from the ‘land of the gods’ – Ta-Netcheru’. The land was not called ‘Punt’ but “Phunanit” (‘p-wn-n-t’ in Hieroglyphic) and it’s people “Phunaniu”. The story of the Bible was taken from predynastic Egyptian that came from Punt. The word ‘Israel’ comes from Osiris’ and Horus’ names – “Ysr-Har” (Ysr-hayil) meaning “Son of Osiris”. Hence. Israelite were called ‘children of the light’ i.e. Heru.

    The Egyptian story of ‘the Destruction of Mankind’ where Ra in his Solar Bark called Tehuti up to him and told him to write whatever he sees in the spirit realm. Tehuti was then giving the laws, dominion and authority over Ra’s kingdom. He was also giving an assistance in the Baboon Anan. This also is where the Moses (Thoth) and Aaron (Anan) story originated from when he went up into the mountain and talk to god as the burning bush (God of Light=Ra). Even Enoch taken up to heaven came from this ancient Egyptian story.
    Aaron is Moses’s Prophet (Anan Ra’s governor) and Moses is a God unto Pharaoh.

  18. Neva Gordon said:

    Thank you for doing this research. It is fascinating to learn so much more about the Bible characters and its true origin.

  19. Neva Gordon said:

    No further comment. Thank you.

  20. No further comment? The discussion, the research, the analysis, and the debate must continue.

    • It is quite clear for me that the Jews were re-branding for the Hebrews. And the Hebrews were the expelled wandering Hyksos.
      The Hyksos originally were the Akkadians with the Amorites.
      The Akkadians who invaded and colonized Subar and Sumer (upper and lower Mesopotamia) in 2334 BC were horse-riding Turkic Mongolian bandits with Hurrian foot slaves and mercenaries from south Caucasus.
      And, the Bedouins and the Yemeni Mukrabs (warlords) were also Akkadians with the Amorites; but they did not join the Hyksos.
      Thus, the Bedouins are, in fact, only poor and backward form of the Jews. They became so miserable because they did not participate in the conquest and occupation of Kmt (ancient Egypt); from which the Hyksos (Akkadians with the Amorites) learned and acquired skills, warship, and wealth.
      Therefore, the Bedouins in the north and south of the Arabian Peninsula, the Gulf, the Levant, Iraq, Jordan and Egypt are really an extension of the Jews; and only in the past century they have got money.
      I believe that Adam, Enoch, Abraham, Jacob (Israel) and the Israelites were originally from around Ogaden Region.
      Joseph was sold and took high position in Harar. And the rest of the Israelites moved to the Ethiopian Plateau.
      Moses was born and raised around Lake Tana (not today’s Egypt).
      He took refuge and married and had two sons in the land of Beja (East Sudan). He went back to Lake Tana to lead the Israelite and save them. They went to Simien Mountains after their Exodus, which was across a seasonal river (not the Red Sea).
      Moses received the Ten Commandments and the Book of Moses. He was directed to take the Israelites to their new homeland in the Afar Triangle. They took time and went their after the death of Moses.
      After 400 years David then Solomon ruled the Kingdom of Israel with ‘Temple” (Beit ha-Mikdash) in the Afar Triangle. That was in 1000 BC. (Moses received the Book in 1446 BC).
      The Queen of Shebe, Makeda, of Tigray visited Solomon and bore his child. Then went back to Tigray. At that time there were a slavery colony called D’mt to the east of Tigray made by bandits from Amorites and East Asiatic Turks who invaded and colonized Yemen.
      Parallel and before to this history there were serious events in Sumer started in 2400 BC.
      Horse-riding bandits with slaves from south Caucasus (Hurrians) invaded Subar and Sumer (upper and lower Mesopotamia). The defeated and colonized the Sumerians and the bandits were called the Akkadians.
      In 2154 BC they were defeated and expelled and went west to the deserts of the Amorites. They made a coalition and in 1670 BC or before they invaded Kmt (ancient Egypt, which was forced to bear the name Egypt in 334 BC).
      In 1523 BC King Ahmose I of Kmt defeated and expelled the coalition which was called Hyksos (Heka Khasut, meaning rulers of foreign nomads); the rulers were the horse-riding Akkadians and the nomads were the Amorites.
      Most of the Hyksos (Akkadians+Amorites) fled East to the deserts of Amorites in Levant and Arabia. The wandering expelled Hyksos were called Aperu. Haperu turned Hebrew. The Hebrews are amalgamation of nomadic bandits from Turkic East Asiatic + Amorite West Asiatic. They were pale yellowish people. Not at all brown as the real African Israelites from Punt Lands.
      So, the Hebrews are not Israelites at all. And until 580 BC there were no Jews at all. There were only the Israelite Judah tribe in Punt Lands who are unrelated to the Hebrews and much older and different from the yellow Jews who were invented in Babylon by the Akkadians from the Hebrews.
      Therefore, the Jews are re-packaging of the Hebrews; and the Hebrews are re-packaging of the Hyksos (Turkic Akkadians + Bedouin Amorites).
      Abraham, Enoch, Adam, Noah and all the characters and stories of the real Book of Moses are Ethiopians; and not as the Tanakh and Old Testament are saying.
      The Akkadians invited few people from the rebellious Judah tribe through their D’mt colony to assist them to invent the Hebrew Bible, and called the group of Hebrews as Jews and turned the teaching of Moses given by God to the Israelite into a forgery used by the Hebrew called Judaism.
      These collaborating few Judahites are the lost sheep of the House of Israel that Jesus came to deliver and save them and take them back to the real Israel and Jerusalem in Afar.
      The Akkadians and Amorites wanted to create a colony next to Egypt and disturb that region with fake religious and historic tales. And they did that with the help of few traitorous persons from Judahite Israelites. But Jews and Hebrews are not Israelite at all.
      The Turkic Akkadians + the Amorites invaded the Berber of North Africa and they together invaded and enslaved West Africans since 1500 BC. This created the slaves of the Hebrews (Akkadians + Amorites) with the Berber. So, the African Americans are the slaves of the Hebrews but they are not Israelite at all.
      The true Israelite are not Hebrew, because Israelites are brown Ethiopians while the Hebrew are yellow Hyksos (Akkadians+Amorites).
      African Americans are black West Africans.
      The onle home of the real ancient Arabs is the western and southern coasts of Arabia. True Arabs are much like are related to Ethiopians.
      Today’s Arabs are not real Arabs. They are Hebrews and yellow they are kin to Jews.
      Abraham used camels since 1900 BC and all Iraq, Egypt and today’s state of Israel knew camels 1000 year after Abraham.
      This bible was written by Ezzra in Babylon 850 years after Moses.
      Kush is another colony of the Hyksos similar to D’mt. But Kush was a colony made by the Hyksos (Akkadians + Amorites) with Berber from North Africa and together they invaded allover West Africa and made Fulani slavery camps and used them to invade and loot Kerma on the Nile 6 Cataracts from 1500 BC.
      The bandits toppled Kerma in 1000 BC and in 785 BC were grouped under one warlord; and declared Kush.
      Soon after the 24 Dynasty liberated Kmt from the 23 and 22 Libyan Hyksos and Amorite Bedouin Dynasties, Kush rushed to invade Kmt and give support to the defeated Hyksos in West Asia against the attempt of Assyrians to stop them.
      After defeating and expelling the 25 Dynasty, the combined forces of Kmt and Assyria were defeated in the battle of Carchemish in 605 BC.
      Until that time there were no Jews, Judaism, Israel in West Asia nor Judah. 25 years later in Babylon all these were invented.

      • Abraham, Enoch, Noah, etc. were clearly not Jews. Whether they were south Arabs from Yemen or were early or proto Ethiopians is debatable.

        But, I do not believe that Jesus was a black African. The evidence points to Jesus being of the same stock as people living in Palestine 2 thousand years ago.

      • Jews appeared in 580 BC only and this is certain from the absence of any records in Assyria and Kmt.
        Ancient Arabs were only in southern and western coasts of Arabia and they were close extension to Punt Lands.
        Jesus would look like any Ethiopian descendants after living in Syria for 580 years.

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