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This image is the earliest known image of Jesus Christ, from the Coptic Museum in Cairo, Egypt.

Yeshua was ethnically Puntite. He was sent to the lost sheep of the house of Israel only, who are also ethnically from the lands of Punt.

Jesus and all the Israelites are brown Africans, while the Jews are white Central Asiatics.

But the Jews and the Romans depicted Jesus as white because they want themselves to be considered Europeans, and Jesus, as one of them.


Comments on: "Europeans Didn’t Invent the Caucasian White Jesus" (6)

  1. the funny issue about those who call themselves Muslims today is they don’t know the definitions and the relationship between the real Islam and the teachings of all messengers. They claim that there are a number of religions.

    But God is one and the religion is one with unlimited number of codes, one for each nation in its own language. The One Religion is universal, but each code is local and once it trespasses others land it violates The One Religion.

    They don’t even know the place and time of Islam.
    They are following the Turkic-Mongolians not Mohamed.

    Those who follow any messenger are called believers, while the total sum of believers following any messenger since the beginning of time and in any place in the universe, including Earth, are called Muslims in Arabic and other names in other languages.
    So Islam is not specific to Mohamed as the Turkic-Mongolian corruption claims.

  2. The Jews are fake Israelites who came from Central Asia and they are white unrelated to Abraham and Moses.

    While the Israelites are the descendants of Abraham and Moses and God sent them the Torah. They are brown Africans from Punt (the Horn of Africa).
    The Jews stole the identity, history and the book of the Israelites and corrupted them in Babylon in 580 BC

  3. The Palestinians are foreign settlers of two different origins. the first were refugees from Anatolia who came with the Great Late Bronze Age Collapse in 1177 BC and settled in the West Bank. The second were slaves brought by the Turkic-Mongolian Jews from Crete and other Mediterranean regions after 530 BC and were placed in Gaza.

  4. The Punt Lands Hypothesis is very strong indeed, and will prove to be correct, and shall change world’s history and religious believes totally and very soon.

  5. Glad to see you writing again Tarig

    To be honest, nobody can deny europeans and american pastors have been using christianity and a white looking jesus to justify colonizing the lands of Australia, Asia and even Africa. Pastors have been preaching how colonization is good for people because it teaches them about the salvation offered by jesus. A lot of people in the ‘truth movement’ are similarly aggressive, and racially motivated in their disdain for non whites. And those who didnt hear of jesus before their death? Thats just too bad for them. No one with any bit of common sense would subscribe to this racist idealogy and think that is logical

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